Beat COVID-19, Literally, With Zachary Levi

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Courtesy of the Covie piñata website

So far 2020 has been largely defined by one disaster after another. So, how would you like the chance to literally beat the hell out of one of these disasters? Well, Zachary Levi has teamed up with some friends to provide us with an opportunity to do just that.

Meet Covie the Pinata, your chance to literally beat COVID-19.

Although the idea started out as a joke between Levi and friends, the idea of this piñata in the shape of the COVID-19 molecule quickly grew into an opportunity to bring some cheer to people across the pandemic, as well as to raise some money for a good cause. Ten percent of all proceeds from the sales of Covie go to Active Minds, an organization who works to advocate mental health in young adults across the United States.

The piñatas come unfilled, so you can fill them with whatever you’d like. Levi suggests filling Covie with everything from your traditional candy to PPE to booze (lots of booze), and using him to celebrate anything from a birthday to a gender reveal. Covie costs $49.99 plus $5 shipping and is available across the contiguous United States, although the website states that they are working to get shipping to Canada and the UK in the near future.

We, for one, cannot wait for the chance to take a wack at Covie and beat COVID-19 for ourselves.

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