Sunday, January 29, 2023

‘Critical Role’ Funko Pop!s Now Available for Reservation!

MERCHCOLLECTIBLES'Critical Role' Funko Pop!s Now Available for Reservation!

Last year we reported that Critical Role had entered into licensing agreements with several merchandise companies, and these projects are now getting revealed one by one. A book titled The World of Critical Role is coming out later this year from Penguin Random House, there was a Mollymauk figure produced by McFarlane Toys that sold out pretty much instantly, and now, a whole line of Funko Pop!s.

First out of the Funko Pop!s was an exclusive for this year’s San Diego Comic Con – Vex on a Broom. Available only on the official Funko site as well as through Best Buy, there was a rush for the first ever Critical Role Pop! and it sold out within a matter of hours. A few weeks after that a limited amount was released on the Critical Role UK-based webshop, and again sold out incredibly fast.

Now, there’s a whole collection of the entire party from campaign 1 of Critical Role, Vox Machina. Yes, soon you will be able to have Grog, Pike, Scanlan, Percy, Vex, Vax, and Keyleth in all their Pop! glory on display in your home. Or will you maybe use them to recreate some of your favorite moments from the show? The cast has posted some examples on Twitter:

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The Pop!s are available for reservation in the UK and Australia stores, but the reservations are completely sold out in the US store. There’s no need to fret quite yet if you live in the US and missed out on reserving your favorite character, because Vox Machina will also be available in physical stores like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart sometime around late September/early October. As a bonus, there will be an Armored Trinket Specialty Series available through specialty shops in late September/early October. Trinket is not available for reservation, and there will only be a small number available through the Critical Role shops upon release, so your best bet is to check out your local specialty store for these wonderful bears!

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