‘Lost Girls & Love Hotels’ Starring Alexandra Daddario Releases New Trailer and Release Date

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The novel to film adaptation for Catherine Hanrahan’s book Lost Girls & Love Hotels has released its full trailer and new release date. The story tells of an “intoxicating journey of love, lust, and rebirth.” Initially, the film was releasing on September 4 but is now coming out on September 18.

The 2006 book was based on Hanrahan’s experience of living and working as an English teacher in Tokyo. In the movie, Margaret (Alexandra Daddario) works as a teacher while doing what she can to forget her painful past. She does this with Kazu, a mysterious Yakuza, developing a relationship that changes them both. In the journey, Tokyo’s nightlife, dive bars, alleyways, and short rental hotels are shown.

William Olsson, director of the film, talks about what the film means to him,

At the Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto, there is a tomb called Buddhas Womb. As you enter the tomb, you walk into total darkness with only a handrail to guide you. You walk and walk until you are completely deprived of any visual sense. Then, finally, you start to see the light at the end of a tunnel, and you come upon an ancient stone illuminated by a small hole in the roof. The lesson is simple. In order to see the light, you first have to experience the dark. And that is ultimately what Lost Girls is for me. A story of being reborn. A journey through the dark to the light. Just like the movie itself, which I am thrilled to bring into the light.

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The film from Astrakan Film AB was written by Catherine Hanrahan and directed by William Olsson (Swiss Army Man). It stars Alexandra Daddario (Why Women Kill), Takehiro Hira (Girl/Haji), Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones), Kate Easton (When They See Us), Mariko Tsutsui (One Night), Peter Mark Kendall (Strange Angel), Andrew Rothney (The Victim), Elisabeth Larena (Unauthorized Living), and more.

You can watch Lost Girls & Love Hotels when it becomes available digitally and on-demand September 18. Check out the trailer below!


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