‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap: The Final Mission Comes to an End in Series Finale “What We’re Fighting For”

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Immediately coming off the first hour, the final hour ever of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has everyone fighting to get the timeline back and to defeat the Chronicoms and Nathaniel. With Fitz back but the key to defeating the Chronicoms out of their hands, they have to come up with a new plan. After seven seasons, multiple timelines, and past, present, and future missions, the agents are working their final mission together. Will they be able to save their original timeline and defeat Nathaniel, Sibyl, and the Chronicoms? Find out what happens in the last episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “What We’re Fighting For.”

Everyone is talking over one another while Fitz is trying to explain what happened. He says they can still get back to their original timeline and save it. That’s where he just came from. Fitz knows it hasn’t been easy, they made sacrifices, but there was no other way. Everyone talks over one another again, arguing with Fitz. He tells them the only way they can save the original timeline was for them to survive through this one. He saw countless versions of how it could unfold. “But we had no choice.” Fitz hoped that they survive this far to give them the key to saving their world, Kora. Fitz says they need to get the Quantum Bridge onto the Zephyr. They need to hook it up so they can all fly home together. Coulson tells him they can’t leave, but Fitz says it’s hard to explain – the multiple dimensions. They went back in time, and then they branched off. But they can travel through the Quantum Realm, in between timelines. Coulson says they can’t abandon these people. They can’t leave this timeline with the Chronicoms about to launch an all-out invasion. Mack adds that if they do, they have to take the enemy back with them.

Meanwhile, Deke has been looking at the Quantum Bridge and says if they use enough energy, they can bring all the Chronicom ships back with them. 1983 New York City can generate enough power for that, and Fitz says someone would have to stay behind and set it up and turn it on. “We have to break up the band.” Daisy realizes this is the last mission together, and Fitz admits that no matter what the outcome, this will be the last time they’re all in the same room together, ever. Sousa says he’ll stay. He belongs there. It’s only right. Deke interrupts him, saying he’ll stay. He’s the one with the scientific knowledge to be able to rematch the power. It seems like Sousa and Daisy have a real thing going, and he wants them to be happy. Plus, as long as Fitz and Jemma reconnect, maybe they’ll see him again someday.

The original team prepares the Zephyr with the Quantum Bridge while Deke and the other agents get things ready at the safe house. Deke tells Mack he’s all set over there, and Mack says to watch over all of them. “You don’t give up on friends. I know better than anyone.” Mack thanks Deke for everything and the Zephyr leaves with the Chronicom ships, leaving Deke in 1983. Agent Gamble asks Deke if he’s the new guy in charge, and confidently, Deke says yes.

Fitz works slowly with Jemma to get her memory back. They are telling her about her childhood, letting her fill in the blanks. He begins to tell her about a star system they went to – Alya, the same one Jemma thought about when she was younger. Enoch saved them, Fitz was working on the Time Stream despite the risks. But they did end up having their happily ever after for a little while, even if it meant their friends and all of mankind depended on them. Fitz tells Jemma about Piper, Flint, the jungle, the Quantum Realm, the pod. He didn’t see the rest, but he knows it worked. Jemma realizes he was with her the whole time. “Fitz.” Jemma has even more questions now, why they stayed so long, and why they would do it. She remembers that she knows him, just not that she loves him. Fitz, however, says she’s forgotten something far more critical than that. He needs to fill the others in so they know what they’re fighting for, map out a plan together, and be willing to do what needs to be done. “No matter what the cost.”

May thinks they’re close, and Coulson says everyone is clear on what needs to be done. Sousa and Yo-Yo go with Fitz and Jemma, retake the Lighthouse. They’ll arrive just before they left. “So, believe it or not, there’s unfinished business at the Temple.” Everything in the Zephyr powers down and May says the Hunters are going to be scanning for them everywhere. After landing, Fitz, Jemma, Yo-Yo, and Sousa are wearing suits and helmets. They meet another Jemma and Enoch at a different Zephyr, Fitz whispers to not speak and not engage. “I’m just trying not to throw up in my helmet.” They start to help out their other-selves. In the Zephyr, Coulson, May, Daisy and Mack are just waiting and watching. A Hunter has spotted the Zephyr, and Sibyl tells him to fire. May flies the Zephyr away just in time and it hits the temple. May docks the Zephyr on the Chronicom ship, and Mack tells the Quinjet team to head back to the Lighthouse. The Hunter tells Sibyl there’s no sign of Zephyr One, it looks as though it’s been destroyed. Sibyl doesn’t believe it. “No matter the percentages, these people always beat the odds.”

Coulson, May, Mack, and Daisy sneak onto the Chronicom ship when Daisy starts fighting Hunters. She tells Coulson and Mack to go. She’s got this. The two of them go their separate ways, as did May. Sibyl finds Coulson and grabs his neck. “Time for you to be reassigned.” Nathaniel finds Daisy, telling her he’s studied her history, know all the enemies she’s faced. “I am honored to be the last.” Yo-Yo starts taking care of more Hunters at the Lighthouse, and once doing so, Jemma, Fitz, and Sousa follow her back to control. Jemma remembers they were there. He said it’d be the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Yo-Yo knows, they’ll bang on the door soon enough. Hopefully, not before their friends handle their part. Sousa tells Yo-Yo not to worry about Mack, and she tells him not to worry about Daisy. Jemma gasps, starting to cry, remembering they’re their everything. “Stars in your skies.” She tells Fitz she thinks she remembers why they did all this. “I think I remember what we’re fighting for.”

Daisy quakes Nathaniel back, telling him if he’s seen her battles, he knows how this will end. He doesn’t, for the first time in a while. “Can’t wait to see how it plays out.” They both quake each other, but they shield themselves. Daisy gets free and kicks Nathaniel, and they continue fighting. Mack manages to find Kora, unconscious. Sibyl tells Coulson she can give any Hunter orders remotely using only her mind. He’s next once she tears everything but Chronicom hardware out of him. “There’s no need. The war’s over. We won.” Fitz and Jemma are retaking the Lighthouse as they speak. Sibyl commands all available Hunters to disembark for the Lighthouse, where they have established a stronghold. Coulson smiles; they just needed her to enter her authorization. What comes next? May comes down from the ceiling, knocking down Sibyl. “The Cavalry.” Coulson and May take out the Hunters surrounding them as Daisy continues fighting Nathaniel. Mack, carrying Kora, meets up with Coulson and May. May says they need to make sure the transmission is pointed in the right direction. Kora is too weak. She may not be strong enough to boost the signal enough to reach Earth. Coulson tells her they’re fighting for the very thing that gives them strength. Kora says she can do it.

Hunters storm the Lighthouse so Fitz, Jemma, Yo-Yo, and Sousa get ready to take them on. Kora hopes that Coulson knows how to give the Chronicoms orders. Coulson says they aren’t giving them orders. They’re giving them empathy. Kora uses all of her energy to boost the signal down to the Chronicoms and the Lighthouse just before they’re able to get to the others. Yo-Yo asks the Hunters if they’re friends or enemies, and one of them says friends, dropping his gun. “As we have always been.”

Once Coulson, May, Mack, and Kora head back up to the Zephyr, it’s just Daisy and Nathaniel. Does Nathaniel think he’s winning? Daisy can’t tell. “It’s a close one, but I could go all day.” That’s what they were hoping for. Daisy tells him those sparks mean Kora’s purged all the Chronicom data from the planet, turned the attack to their side. “Mission accomplished.” Nathaniel quakes Daisy, keeping her still. He tells her there is no way to kill him without killing herself. Daisy uses all of her power and energy to knock Nathaniel just as the Chronicom ships are vaporized. She’s soon floating in space, but Coulson, Mack, and Kora manage to get her back on the Zephyr. Kora uses her energy powers on Daisy, and she wakes up. “This is what we were fighting for, Family.”

Jemma and Fitz get back to the jungle where Piper and Flint are waiting in front of a pod. Fitz tells them they were guarding their everything. The two go to the back of the pod, and Jemma opens the door, a little girl sleeping on the bed. They finally reunited with their daughter, Alya.

One year later, the team, minus Deke and Sousa, reunite in the New York safe house. They catch each other up on their lives. Mack and Yo-Yo are still working together, along with Piper, and Yo-Yo is on assignment. May hates her new profession. She fought aliens, demons, and androids, and this is the most exhausted she’s felt. Fitz and Jemma are retired but enjoying their life together and with Alya. Everyone keeps sending many presents to her, including a nice letter from Sousa. Daisy says things are going well with the two of them, loving the journey together. Coulson says he’s going to take a little time, continue his reassessment. See the world. Yo-Yo says she’s going to have to go in a minute, they’re approaching the drop zone. May says she has a group waiting, so maybe they should just call it. Daisy is losing signal anyway. They’re entering a Nebula. Jemma votes they make this a tradition, and Mack agrees, they can’t lose touch. They’ve been through too much together.

Yo-Yo disconnects in a car with Piper, and Davis is a block away from the drop-off. May tells Mack she’ll send him a few names and then disconnects, standing in front of a building. Flint asks if she’s done, they’re five minutes late to class. He’s late. She’s giving the lecture. The two of them walk into Coulson Academy. Jemma and Fitz disconnect, having a picnic in the garden with Alya, Fitz playing with her, and Jemma watching. Mack asks if Coulson’s at HQ and if he received the package. Coulson tells him it’s sitting right in front of him, just need the code. Mack gives it to him, saying it’s in there along with a little going-away present. Mack tells Coulson and Daisy to be careful out there before disconnecting, standing on a Helicarrier. It’s now just Coulson and Daisy. Daisy says there are people out there who are lost, people who show promise. If he doesn’t find them, who will? She says Kora is doing great. She’s been through a lot. “It’s funny what can happen when someone believes in you.” Coulson disconnects, leaving just Daisy, who takes it in one last time before she also disconnects. She’s on Zephyr Three, Sousa reading a book. Kora, sitting up front, tells them they have to see this. The three of them look out at the Nebula in front of them, a beautiful sight. Coulson is at HQ and unlocks a box from Mack, car keys in it. Coulson presses the button, and the car beeps. A red corvette, Lola, in all its glory. The red car turns into a flying black S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle, and Coulson flies away. “Cool.”

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