‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Recap: “The End Is at Hand” in Season 7, Episode 12

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The final mission has officially begun. In the first hour of the series finale, Daisy, Mack, and Sousa figure out a way to infiltrate Nathaniel Malick and the Chronicoms now that they’ve finally docked on the Zephyr. Meanwhile at the Lighthouse, May, Coulson, and Yo-Yo try to deal with the fact that now every S.H.I.E.L.D. base, except for their own, is done for, but not for long. Agents from all over meet up at the New York safe house and unknowingly bring pieces that could be the key to finding Fitz. Find out what happens in episode 12 of the seventh season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and part one of the series finale, “The End Is at Hand.”

As the Chronicom ships continue firing their lasers in space, Daisy, Mack, and Sousa, unaware of what they’re actually targeting, are realizing that they don’t seem to be aimed at them. The Quinjet successfully docks with the Zephyr, but one of the ships has locked onto the Zephyr and they’re soon pulled in. The three of them standby, ready to fight the Chronicoms, but the door never opens. Sousa wonders if it’s possible they’re on the other side doing the exact same thing so Mack opens the door. They get ready but there’s no one around. They do a full sweep of the Zephyr but it’s empty.

On the Chronicom ship, Nathaniel, Garrett, Jemma, Deke, and other soldiers walk aboard. Nathaniel tells Jemma this is her last chance to give up Fitz’s location. Sibyl appears in hologram form, saying they have a more precise method of retrieving information and disappears. Someone injects something into Jemma’s neck and she and Deke are locked away. Nathaniel and Kora find Sibyl, now herself. All S.H.I.E.L.D. targets have been destroyed, except for the Lighthouse. Sibyl’s been inside, she knows the Lighthouse was built to withstand any external attack. Nathaniel tells her they’re taking a different approach but Sibyl says that none of it matters if Fitz is alive. “As long as he lives, our future isn’t secure.” Nathaniel mentions that Jemma has effectively erased him from her memory. Based on what he saw, there’s a good chance he isn’t even alive. Sibyl isn’t leaving it to chance, the injection she gave Jemma will dissolve her implant. They’ll learn whether she’s truly forgotten Fitz or whether it’s simply masking the truth.

Every S.H.I.E.L.D. base is gone, even the Triskelion. May can feel all those lives lost. Yo-Yo wonders why they weren’t attacked, Sibyl knows where they are. Sibyl’s smart, Coulson says she knows the Lighthouse would survive a conventional assault. She must have other plans. A machine chimes and May wonders what the Chronicoms are doing now. Coulson can’t stop it and he tells May and Yo-Yo to implement lockdown protocols while he figures this out. Later, Garrett jumps to the Lighthouse and pulls out blueprints, attaching a charger to the wall.

Jemma feels a tingle on the back of her neck and Deke says it’s probably because of the implant, but Jemma doesn’t even recall the implant, or Fitz. Deke tries to do an impression of his grandfather to refresh Jemma’s memory but it doesn’t work. He suggests that maybe the thing that they injected her with is doing something, destroying the implant or scrambling her thoughts and memories and her synapses altogether. They think that Jemma has a secret and Jemma realizes she does have a secret. She can feel it, it’s in there and everything is swirling. “Maybe that’s their plan.” They’ll pour everything out until they find what they need.

After scanning the ship, Mack sees a lot of Chronicoms onboard. Daisy manages to find two heat signatures that she’s pretty sure are Jemma and Deke. Sousa notices another one and Daisy knows it’s Kora. Kora is not going to stop her from getting back Jemma and Deke. Daisy says she’ll infiltrate the ship and bring them back while Mack figures out a way to get the hangar doors open, since it seems they’re their only way out. Sousa tells Mack he can help with that and before Daisy leaves, he kisses her and she kisses back. Sousa says he didn’t know he was going to do that but Daisy is glad he did.

May figures out that Garrett is there and they watch him on a security camera. They knew they’d be coming for them and Coulson has May zoom in on a charger. Coulson says it’s a Chronibomb, enough of those strategically placed around the base, Garrett will be able to flatten the entire Lighthouse. They might be able to stop him, however. Mack gave them a hard drive with specs of a device that trapped Gordon in their old timeline. Fitz had built panels that prevented Gordon from teleporting out. Coulson says he’s working on something that might replicate that trick but he’ll need Yo-Yo’s help to pull it off.

Daisy walks through the ship, trying to not get noticed. In the Zephyr and on the ship, Sibyl comes in over video, asking if they really thought they could sneak onto one of her ships. “Well, you gotta admit, you didn’t see that coming.” They’re too late. Every S.H.I.E.L.D. base has been destroyed. She tells a soldier to take care of Mack and Sousa and tells Nathaniel to not interfere with Daisy. Sibyl needs confirmation that Fitz is dead and she opens up the Time Stream. She says the odds of discovering the truth about him are 11% higher if they allow Daisy to reunite with Jemma.

Garrett jumps exactly to where Coulson and May thought he was going to, a big “X” drawn on the ground. While he’s distracted, Yo-Yo runs to Garrett and places the device on him to trap him. Garrett would love to stay and chat but there’s some very impressive explosives about to blow. He tries to jump out but he can’t, due to the device that was placed on him. Coulson demands he tell them how to deactivate the explosives but Garrett can’t, not from there. He didn’t think he needed to. There’s a dozen explosives all around the place. Garrett calls Nathaniel to deactivate the explosives. Nathaniel would love to, but that’s not the plan. The plan is for Garrett to demolish the Lighthouse. Garrett says he just needs a little more time or else when the place blows, he will. Nathaniel is going to take this opportunity, in case he doesn’t see him again, to thank him for his service. There’s no time to get to the surface, Yo-Yo grabs the last explosive and tries to run but the place soon explodes.


Meanwhile, Daisy finally finds Jemma and Deke. Jemma is hesitating and Deke tells Daisy they injected her with something, and it’s blurring her memories. Deke thinks the Chronicoms are trying to get intel on Fitz. Daisy tells Jemma they’re going to get her somewhere safe, but they have to go. Deke and Jemma follow Daisy and Deke wonders how she got in there. Daisy says nobody tried to stop her, it’s like they wanted her to find Jemma. Jemma says it’s hard trying to remember what’s a secret and what’s not. Sibyl says the device in Jemma’s brain has been dissolved. She has no protection. They will learn whether or not Fitz is alive and if he is, they will have his location. And the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. lack the firepower to defend themselves with their ship trapped, let alone escape.

Jemma keeps forgetting where they’re going. “Home.” Jemma has a home and she remembers being married, but she doesn’t remember to whom. It’s about being married, joining together. She can do it, even if she doesn’t know why. Sibyl can sense that Jemma is close to remembering. Jemma keeps rambling on and Daisy tells her to just keep going, they’re almost there. Kora stops them in their tracks, much to Sibyl’s dismay. “Hello, sister.” Daisy suggests they get off the ship and talk. She knew their mom was dead but she didn’t tell Kora. Daisy admits that was a mistake, she was trying to protect her. Kora doesn’t need protection. She tries to use an energy blast on Daisy, but Daisy blocks it and tells Deke to get Jemma back to the Zephyr and to not wait for her. Kora says Jiaying was a monster but Daisy knows she doesn’t believe that. Daisy believes that Jiaying loved Kora more than anything, but she didn’t know how to help her. She was afraid for her. Daisy didn’t have a sister in her timeline, she didn’t even know she had a mom until it was too late. She pleads with Kora to come with her but she says it’s too late. “S.H.I.E.L..D is destroyed. We’ve won.” Daisy says they can still change this timeline and asks Kora if she will help her.

Once things are back up and running, despite the tons of rubble and debris around, Coulson, May, and Yo-Yo discover an 0-8-4, or, rather, the location of one after hearing a pattern. The message came from S.H.I.E.L.D., not the Chronicoms. It could be a person, an energy source, a weapon. Yo-Yo says it could be a trap, but Coulson tells her it can’t be much worse than being trapped in here. Garrett, who is still trapped, but also alive, tells them he can get them out of there, just slip those bracelets off him, and he’ll be their “teleporting taxi.” New timeline, new John Garrett. Coulson doesn’t think they have any other options.

Garrett jumps Coulson, May, and Yo-Yo to the New York safe house, but a man tells them to put their hands up and he shoots Garrett in the head. Coulson tells them about the coded transmission and everyone around them reveals themselves as agents. Agent Gamble asks Coulson if he has the package, a box, a briefcase, something they were told to bring. The lights go up and the counter is filled with them. Most of the 0-8-4s had been in agents’ families, raised to guard it with their life. If and when the signal ever came, they were to deliver it as instructed. After opening each one, they seem to be different parts to something. Daisy, Mack, Jemma, and Deke finally reunite with their team. Mack says they have to be ready for the Chronicoms’ next move and Coulson was hoping the 0-8-4s might be just that. Jemma starts putting the pieces together, she just knows they need to be married. Two becomes one, then three becomes one. Why does she know this? She finishes putting it together but she realizes they’re missing something. A man comes in, apologizing for being late. He brought the missing piece. Coulson says it’s possible Enoch deposited these over the decades. The missing piece was a singing key and Jemma uses it, opening a secret room. “The end of the beginning.” Jemma places the device on a table, fitting it perfectly, but it does nothing. Jemma remembers being married, they were all there. She is married, she has proof. She takes off her wedding ring and places it in the device, turning it on. A wormhole opens up and someone comes out of it. He takes off his mask. Fitz. Jemma, however, doesn’t remember him. “Damn.”

Sibyl sees the massive power drain in New York and Nathaniel tells her that S.H.I.E.L.D. has a safe house there. They probably went there to regroup. He tells Sibyl to assign him some Hunters and he will personally finish off S.H.I.E.L.D. before they begin the invasion. Sibyl found something more interesting. “There’s a 100% chance that this is the last time the S.H.I.E.L.D. team will ever be together. The end is at hand.”

Keep a lookout for the recap for the final episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L..D, which will be posted here among the other recaps from this season. The first six seasons of the series is on Netflix, with season seven expected later this year.

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