‘The Walking Dead Onslaught’ to Premiere on PlayStation VR on September 29th


Calling all fans of The Walking Dead!

Earlier today, Survios announced its new VR game The Walking Dead Onslaught will be premiering on PS VR on September 29!

A trailer filled with intense combat featuring some of our favorite characters from the show was also released along with the announcement which you can check out here!

In The Walking Dead Onslaught, there is no time to sit around and relax! Step into the realm of The Walking Dead and assume the roles of some of your favorite characters as you battle hoards of zombies and try to survive.

The setting of the game takes place shortly after the Savior War in an Alexandria that is destroyed from fighting and struggling over ideals. It will take a lot of risk and teamwork to prepare to mend the broken society and rebuild the Alexandria Safe Zone for future survivors.

Courtesy of PlayStation

The grueling campaign mode steps into the shoes of Daryl Dixon as he recalls an encounter with a mysterious stranger who changed the fate of him and his fellow survivors.

The game’s infinitely playable Scavenger mode lets you play as Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and Carol as they battle through overwhelming hoards and collect resources to rebuild their community, upgrade and modify weapons, and unlock new quests!

Courtesy of PlayStation

Using the PlayStation Move controllers, you will be able to push the boundaries of VR combat like never before! Experience the new visceral Progressive Dismemberment system developed to make every attack realistic. Players will have a total of 24 weapons to discover and bring back to Alexandria each with realistic handling and tons of custom modifications to suit your preferred combat style.

Every trip beyond the walls of Alexandria is littered with valuable weapons, food, and other important resources. But beware, during every trip there is a chance of coming across unpredictable walker hoards, resource availability changes, and obstacles to slow you down and challenge your survival skills.

Courtesy of PlayStation

We hope you’re as excited about this action-packed VR experience as we are! Tune into the PlayStation Twitter account for more updates!

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