Recap: No More Secrets in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2, Episode 5: “Valhalla”


Luther is flying high on nitrous, Five and Diego know that their father is part of the Majestic 12, and likely the man who assassinated JFK, Allison’s losing Ray, Klaus is … Klaus, and we’re still not even one step closer to stopping the Apocalypse.

Cape Canaveral, 1962

A chimp is delivered to a lab from Congo. Grace a.k.a. Mom is awaiting his arrival, where she begins putting him through rigorous exercises to prep for space travel as Sir Reginald Hargreeves looks on. Soon, Pogo the chimp is launched into space, but something goes wrong and he crash lands. He is recovered, however, Grace can’t revive him. But Reginald can. He uses a serum that revives little Pogo and heals his wounds instantaneously, but changing Pogo in the process …

Remember when we said Five was onto Lila? Well, after seeing her very proficient fighting skills he’s not having it (or her) anymore, and he tells her to get lost and get lost far. Diego also has a few questions, like why she helped Five and not him? And now he knows she’s lying, too.

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Klaus and Allison are the ultimate enabling team and start their day drinking bright and early. When in the Apocalypse, right?

Farm life is still bliss for Vanya, who wakes up in bed with Sissy and they chat about what they wish life could be if they ran away together, and all is bliss until Carl returns early from his work trip to Waco.

Back at Elliott’s, Luther is making enough eggs for a small army while he, Five, and Diego discuss their current messy situation. They’re still trying to get to their father, and Luther drops the bombshell that he saw him at the house they grew up in. He’d traveled there when he first arrived here in the 60s. He’d dropped in and pulled the “I’m your son” bit, and it didn’t quite go over well, and it kind of continued to go downhill as he tried to say he was from the future. Reginald said no way, I hate kids and if I had them it wouldn’t be you …

Diego: “That’s pathetic.”

Luther: “Yeah, well at least he didn’t shank my ass.”

Diego: “No bro, he shanked your heart.”

Ah yes, glad to see things between these two is as bubbly as ever. Five tells Diego and Luther it’s time to get The Umbrella Academy together, it’s the only way they’re going to figure all of this out.

Vanya is losing control of her powers … again. Sissy and Carl are arguing in the kitchen as Carl tries to force a kiss out of Sissy, and Vanya can’t handle it. Thunder cracks through the sky, and Sissy gives in to Carl’s plans, agreeing to go on his outings.

Lila is mad as she returns to her mother’s hotel suite. She thinks her mom, a.k.a The Handler, has set her up. She tells her mom that her cover is blown and The Swedes completely got in her way, but The Handler is focused on one thing. Did she get one of Diego’s knives? She did. The Handler does confess that she’s been lying to Lila, they aren’t here on official Temps Commission business. They’re here to right a wrong.

Speaking of mad, Diego is a little salty at Vanya still after her arrival to Elliott’s. It is true that the last time they were all together, Vanya was a little volatile, using energy tentacles to try and kill everyone and stuff … Five arrives with Klaus and Allison and the gang is all here. And according to Klaus, they’re all sexier. However, since ghosts can’t time travel so Ben didn’t make it (he did).

The Temps Commission is sending The Swedes after Diego now, but Lila and The Handler are outside their current dwellings …

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The Umbrella Academy is back together and they’re on going on a mission to kill find Dad to try and stop the Apocalypse. Vanya, always a voice of reason, suggests so far the only different thing about this time period is them being there. So who’s messed it up? Luther rats out Diego for stalking Lee Harvey Oswald and Diego lets it loose that Luther is working for the gangster Jack Ruby. Klaus and Allison throw some accusations at one another with Klaus saying Allison is involved in some local politics, while Allison says Klaus has legitimately started a cult. Diego thinks they were sent back here for one reason, to save John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but Five brings them back on track with quite the motivating speech. Dad will have the answers. And they need to figure it all before they’re all dead.

Five teleports himself outside (because Luther tossed him off the stairs when he tried to stop him from leaving) and who is on the roof? Lila. Uh oh. As Five chases her down, Luther and Diego go off for some probably slightly combative bro time, and Klaus, Allison and Vanya head out to go get … tacos. (We’re going with them.)

Our bro heart to heart between Diego and Luther goes better than expected, Diego tells Luther he doesn’t want to help them because of his daddy issues, gives him a little pep talk, and then points out that a long black car has been following them since they left Elliott’s. The driver parks rights in front of them, gets out, and hands Diego an envelope containing a note from their father, who is inviting them to a light supper.

Everyone changes the world, Luther, everyone. And it’s scary, but that’s kind of the deal.

Looks like they couldn’t find any tacos, but Allison, Vanya, and Klaus have certainly located some booze, and they’re enjoying it at Allison’s salon where they’ve all now decided to face their dilemmas and be honest with the people around them. Vanya is going to tell Sissy she loves her, Allison is going to find Ray and tell him the truth, and Klaus is going to group break-up with his cult. The world is going bottoms up in 6 days anyway, what is there to lose?

Cue another incredible Umbrella Academy dance scene.

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The Swedes are on the hunt in the woods, where one of Diego’s knives is stuck in a tree. One approaches and is … blown up by a booby trap. Okie dokes …  that’s probably going to piss the other two off.

Five narrows in on Lila breaking into an abandoned building, who’s seemingly lured him there to keep his promise to kill her the next time he saw her. Turns out Five has some moves, too. Five gets the upper hand and tells The Handler she can come out now — of course he knew.

The conversation with Sissy doesn’t go as Vanya had planned. For the time being, she’s staying with Carl, everything between her and Vanya is just a fantasy, a wish, it’s not real life. Vanya tries to tell her they have six days until it’s all over, but Sissy won’t budge. Luther and Diego share dinner at a food truck as Diego stares at the photo of their father on the grassy knoll and the dinner invitation. Klaus goes home to his cult. And Allison finds Ray at their house, where she promises to tell him everything.

It would seem the ball is finally rolling on maybe being able to save the world, and some emotional healing maybe, too? We’re now halfway through season 2, get ready for the back half of The Umbrella Academy. All 10 episodes are streaming on Netflix.

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