Celebrate National Watermelon Day With Some “Watermelon Sugar” Treats From Harry Styles

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Image courtesy Columbia Records.

If you’ve listened to the radio recently, you may have noticed that a little song called “Watermelon Sugar” is quickly rising in the charts to become the song of the summer. It is, as the kids would call it, a bop, and in a summer that thus far has lacked the typical breezy vibe of yesteryear, it’s a much needed distraction. The gifs alone will fuel fans until at least January.

Image courtesy Columbia Records.

Harry Styles is the man behind the hit, and his devoted fans are passionate about their love for that watermelon sugar high. When they discovered that today is National Watermelon Day, they vowed to organize streaming parties to get their new song obsession to number one with the #WatermelonSugarDay campaign. Columbia Records has even organized a music video watching party for 2 p.m PST/5 p.m. EST! Now, Styles has returned the favor by providing exclusive “Watermelon Sugar” merch that is available for a limited time. Just sit in your blue sunglasses and think of the possibilities …

Image courtesy Columbia Records.

Want more water in your belly along with that summer feeling? There’s a “Watermelon Sugar” water bottle for purchase! Want to look as chill as Harry Styles at a 70’s beach party? Go ahead and get yourself the “Watermelon Sugar” beach towel (group of attractive models not included).

Image courtesy Columbia Records.

Truly, the possibilities are endless to taste that watermelon sugar high, whether by streaming the single on a loop or re-watching the behind the scenes video Styles released just before the single reached number one on pop radio (his second solo song to do so). It may not be the end of June, but you can still get washed away to a wonderful and warm place on this Watermelon Sugar Day.

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