It’s a Spicy Time With Dan Levy on ‘Hot Ones’

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The latest guest on Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans, was Schitt’s Creek actor, co-creator, and writer Dan Levy. Before they begin, Levy even mentions that being on this show is something that he has wanted to do.

During the episode via video chat, they talk about Levy’s father, the fashion of Schitt’s Creek, deciding to end the series, Degrassi, his magic when it comes to sweaters, and his various careers. While on the topic of the iconic Schitt’s Creek series, Evans asks about the filming of the “Simply the Best” scene in season four with Noah Reid, who plays Patrick, and his character David and if some Prosecco was involved.

“My brains not working anymore.”

As it gets hotter the further, they go into the sauces. You can clearly see the discomfort on Levy’s face as he tries to answer the questions. Even at one point, he is asking if people get panicky. All while, Evans keeps asking the questions not giving Levy time to cool off his mouth with the three drinks of water, pop, and a milkshake, that he brought to help. But after trying all 10 sauces, Levy makes it though despite the burning of his mouth and having to wipe down his face with a cloth. Oh, and if you are wondering, the milkshake was the winning drink to help somewhat beat the spice.

As a reminder, Schitt’s Creek’s final season will be available on Netflix this October, the perfect time for a series rewatch. You can watch the spicy Hot Ones episode featuring Dan Levy below!

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