Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Netflix Adds New Supernatural Animated Show ‘DeadEndia’

Get ready to go on a scary good adventure!

Netflix has announced a new supernatural animated series called DeadEndia. It will be based on the graphic novels by Hamish Steele. The graphic novels feature a transgender main character and a neurodivergent character, both of who will be featured in the children’s series.

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Barney, played by Zach Barack (Spiderman: Far From Home), must battle supernatural forces at the haunted house he works at with his friend Norma, played by Kody Kavitha (We Bare Bears), and a talking pug named Pugsley, voiced by Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice the Musical).  Together they will take on monsters of all kinds to protect their amusement park and haunted house.

The show also stars Emily Osment (Hannah Montana) as Courtney, Miss Coco Peru (Girls Will Be Girls) as Pauline Phoenix, Kenny Tran (Issac) as Logs, and Kathreen Khavari (Big Little Lies) as Badyah.

The new show, DeadEndia will debut on Netflix in 2021.


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