Out Now: ‘Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl’ Is a Documentary About Taking Control

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If Kate Nash (The Devil You Know) looks familiar to you, that is because she portrays Rhonda Richardson, the red-headed Brit on the Netflix hit series GLOW, the glamorous ladies of wrestling.

Now she has a documentary film out directed by Amy Goldstein. Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl follows Nash during her involvement with the pop music industry and the toxicity she experienced. It is set during the years 2014 to 2018. Most of the footage shown is from concerts, backstage, personal appearances, interviews, and Nash’s online diary. So, everyone we are seeing are the actual people. With the background of her music, clips show her from age 18 to years later when she pretty much hit rock bottom. During her career, Nash was continuously written off, ignored, and passed by the media and the men in suits. Even the one person who was supposed to help her, her manager, defrauded her. She was dropped by the music label and was nearly homeless. Nash takes things into her own hands and fights back.

“This is a matter of life and death to me because making music keeps me alive. And being in the music industry has almost killed me.”

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You can follow Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The documentary is being distributed by Nerdbombers and Span Productions and was released on Alamo on Demand May 22. There is a limited theatrical rollout that is planned for August. You can watch the trailer below.

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