Watch the New Trailer for ‘Useless Humans’

Courtesy of Quiver Distribution.


Quiver Distribution presents the new trailer for Useless Humans!

Directed by Stephen Ohl and written by George Caine, Stephen Ohl, Kevin Hamedani, and Travis Betz, Useless Humans is a horror-comedy following four friends as they come together for a 30th birthday celebration. Things don’t go according to plan when ruthless aliens crash the party, leaving the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. It will be up to these four friends to save the world.

Starring Josh Zuckerman (90210),  Rushi Kota (Grey’s Anatomy), Davida Williams (Casual), Luke Youngblood (Galavant), Edy Ganem (Devious Maids), Maya Kazan (Mosaic), Kevin Michael Martin (Good Behavior), and Iqbal Theba (Glee), Useless Humans will be available on digital and on-demand July 14.

Be sure to check out the new trailer below!


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