Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Michael Rosenbaum and Rob Danson Stageit Announced for May 27

MUSICLEFT ON LAURELMichael Rosenbaum and Rob Danson Stageit Announced for May 27

Michael Rosenbaum took to Twitter to announce that he and Left on Laurel bandmate, Rob Danson, are meeting up to perform a show for fans via Stageit.

Dubbed the “Lonely and Yearning and Six Feet Away” show, the two are set to perform on the site on May 27 6:00 p.m. PDT for a 30 minute show. The show description is as follows:

Rosenbaum and Danson be doing a nice social distance jam for you kind folk. Rob will be safely and comfortably six feet away and wearing and mask. There will be Left on Laurel songs, maybe a cover or two, and a few new originals too!

Top tipper prizes will be announced at the beginning of the show. You can head over to Stageit to purchase a ticket, which is pay what you can, and if you’re feeling generous, buy tickets for those who are hitching a ride.

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Rosenbaum and Danson are two-fifths of the band Left on Laurel, a beach rock/Americana indie band out of California. Their debut album, Saved by the Ground is available for streaming on any platform where you get your music.

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