‘Riverdale’ Recap: The Gang Takes Drastic Measures to Save Prom and Get Revenge in Season 4, Episode 19 “Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey”

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The Riverdale season 4 finale is here, and although it’s not the original planned season finale due to the production shutdown, it still packs a lot. As prom edges closer, our favorite Riverdale teens are out for revenge on Mr. Honey for everything he’s done throughout the year. Meanwhile, Jughead gets an offer from the University of Iowa and must write another story, and more videotapes are being sent around town, with even more tragic recreations.

Find out what happened in the season 4 finale of Riverdale, “Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey.”

As requested, Betty drops off Riverdale High’s yearbook in Honey’s office. However, Honey tells Betty there will be no yearbook this year because the deadline for the printers was two days ago. Betty called the printers, and they said if they gave it to them that afternoon, the yearbooks would be ready by graduation. Although true, Honey told Betty that he would need to approve every page and he will not be able to do that by the afternoon. Betty pulled all-nighters to get this done, and because she’s two days late, he’s punishing all of her classmates? Honey’s sorry, but his decision is final.

In the student lounge, Jughead tells everyone he needs to write another story for his application to the University of Iowa. Betty suggests he could write a monster story about Honey, revealing that he’s refusing to publish the yearbook. “Our legacy. The written record of our last four years. Our friendships, our loves, clubs, dances.” Betty says Honey has been on their case since day one when he threatened them on their first day back. Cheryl shares her cousin’s outrage; something must be done to stop this heinous villain. Veronica points out that every time they make a move against Honey, he hits them back. “Although, one thing that would stop Mr. Honey … is if we killed him. Or scared him enough to leave town.” Reggie says they could pull off a classic senior prank, “the likes of which will never be forgotten. And I’ve got just the one for Mr. Honey. It’s an oldie but a goodie.” Honey is soon glued to his chair, phone glued to his hand, being rolled down the hallway in disgust and anger at the students.

“Looks like we won this round.”

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The next morning, Betty wakes up to find Jughead typing away at his computer, writing a new story for the University of Iowa. Betty gave him the idea, actually. It’s called “Killing Mr. Honey.” Jughead gets to write something for his Iowa submission while simultaneously working out their collective revenge fantasy against Honey. After reading the pages, Betty tells Jughead it’s dark, but she loves it. Betty gets a text from Charles, saying he wants them to meet him at his office. She goes down there alone while Jughead continues working on his story.

Betty meets Charles at his office, and he tells her Mrs. Klump received a new videotape that morning. A recreation of her daughter, Midge, being found dead on stage during Riverdale High’s production of Carrie: The Musical two years ago. Charles had also found footage of the actual, horrific scene while going through videos that they confiscated from Blue Velvet. It turns out Jason Blossom’s snuff film wasn’t the only contraband that David had.

As the gang is hanging out in the student lounge, Honey is heard over the speaker. “Unless the person or persons responsible for yesterday’s so-called prank step forward, prom is officially canceled.” Cheryl knew that Reggie’s juvenile antics were going to end in tragedy. She tells Reggie to turn himself in, and he says no way; he pranked Honey on behalf of all of them and did not prank alone. “Oh, God. And who would be stupid enough to help you?” Reggie points to Archie and Kevin as they both guiltily raise their hands. What’s the big deal? It’s not like any of them were allowed to go. Cheryl tells Kevin they were going to crash it, and now there’s nothing left to crash. Cheryl refuses to be the only sitting president in the history of Riverdale High who didn’t sponsor a prom. Archie tells everyone Reggie’s not the enemy here. Honey is. “And if we all turn against each other now, we all lose.” If they want prom back, they have to think strategically.

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As Jughead is working on his story, Betty comes up to him, telling him she did some sleuthing on their least favorite tyrant, and it turns out there’s a pattern to his reign of terror. Apparently, Honey has canceled prom at every high school he’s worked at for different reasons, but the end result is always the same.

“He’s like the Grinch that stole prom.”

Betty says they should share this key information with their troops and dispatch them to the appropriate parties.

The gang and their parents walk down the halls of Riverdale High, determined to talk some sense into Honey. Alice tells him that, as concerned parents, they are determined that he reinstate prom and reinvite the students he so rudely barred from attending. Honey says that won’t be possible, it’s his job to prepare these students to be upstanding citizens of the world, and their behavior needs to reflect that. And so far, it hasn’t. Mary tells Honey about the case of a small-town principal canceling prom, and the parents of said small town sued him for psychological damage and won. She says she’s a very good lawyer, and Hiram adds that as the mayor of Riverdale, he has a direct line to Governor Dooley and the Board of Education. Alice tells Honey that RIVW has been hungry for a gripping, public-interest story that would make nationwide headlines. Honey is sorry, but his decision is final. Alice tells him that as President of the PTA, she has a right to demand a vote. Honey, the parents, Nana Rose, and Cheryl — as student body president — go to Honey’s office to discuss.

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Betty is reading another page of Jughead’s story in the Blue and Gold office when Cheryl comes in, telling them that as student body president, she has an announcement to make. That night, Riverdale High seniors and parents gather at Pop’s. Cheryl stands up on a table, making the announcement that prom is officially back on and proposing a toast.

“To generations united together, we have proven victorious. To all of us, and to a senior prom we will never forget.”

As Betty reads another page from Jughead’s story, Kevin comes into the lounge, telling them that Honey asked him to find them. Honey said he wanted to see them ASAP. Jughead and Betty walk into Honey’s office, surprised to find Charles there as well. Honey tells them a videotape was delivered to the school. He called Charles, who told him that Jughead and Betty had been helping him with his case. He thought they might want to see this footage of not only the outside of the school but every inch of inside the school. The video goes on for hours. It could mean a warning or a threat. Charles tells Honey that’s one way to interpret it, and in that case, Honey has no other option but to put the school on high alert. And despite the PTA’s wishes, cancel the prom.

“If this tape even suggests the possibility of violence against any of my students, every precaution must be taken, including curbing extra-curricular activities.”

Jughead and Betty leave, Charles following after as he grabs the tape and the three of them head into the Blue and Gold office. Jughead and Betty agree that this feels completely wrong. They know that their guy has moved on from simple recordings and on to recreations. This tape feels like he’s backtracking. Jughead thinks it could be a hoax; the general public does not know their Voyeur/auteur has moved on to recreations. Betty’s following him, saying that if someone wanted to pretend to be their auteur and they didn’t have the privileged information that they do, they would have shot a video exactly like the one Honey was sent. Honey wants to cancel prom; he’s conveniently sent a video that gives him the perfect excuse. Charles tells them that unless they have conclusive proof that the tape was made by someone other than their original guy, Honey’s well within his rights to cancel the prom. Jughead asks for a copy of the tape so they can review every second of it, but Betty tells him he has a story to write and she’ll watch the tape.

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Betty is watching the videotape later that evening, and she spots something or someone. She rewinds the tape, pausing it on a figure and calling Charles over. “I think we got him.” The following day, Charles, Betty, and Jughead arrive in Honey’s office, and Betty puts the blown-up picture from the video on his desk. Honey picks up the picture, and Jughead asks if it’s him holding the camera. “I mean, it’s only two frames, but it’s enough to nail your ass.” They’re not suggesting Honey’s the one sending the videotapes around town, just that one. Honey’s a copycat and not a very good one. Honey says he’s been trying to protect them, but Jughead says the only person they need protection from is him. Honey was trying to help them, to prepare them for a life outside of Riverdale. Betty sent tapes to the school board, aka their parents, and between them and the FBI, she hopes he has a good lawyer.

Betty reads more pages from Jughead’s story until Kevin interrupts them. “Guys, dead man walking. Hallway, right now.” Honey walks out of his office, holding a box with personal items, as Miss Bell is taking down his picture in the front office. The gang is waiting for him, and Veronica tells him it looks like the good guys won. Honey’s leaving, and they’re staying; Archie would mark that as a win. Honey stands by everything he’s done, including the videotape. Everything he has done is to make this school better and safer for them and their classmates.

As everyone is discussing their hatred for Honey, Miss Bell comes in, saying that man is anything but psycho. Out of her 50 years working in the front office, outlasting eight principals, the best, by far, was Honey. Miss Bell tells them everything good that Honey has done to improve the school and help students and gives Jughead a letter, saying Honey asked her to mail it for him. “But I don’t think I will. You may want to read it, though, to fully comprehend your actions.” It’s a letter written by Honey to the University of Iowa.

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Jughead rushes to Betty’s room after school, quickly changing his story so that Honey doesn’t die, and Veronica and Archie help him when they find him. Betty reads it, wondering what made Jughead rewrite it. Jughead finally realized what he was saying, how he was saying it. Betty asks Jughead what Honey’s letter says, and before Jughead has a chance to reply, Jellybean comes in. She’s sorry to interrupt, but she reveals a videotape was left on their doorstep. Betty puts it in, Jughead sitting down next to her. It’s of a house, an invitation? Jughead has seen the place before. It’s the cabin where Hermione killed Sheriff Minetta and where they had their affair.

Jughead and Betty drive to the cabin and find their way inside. They find a makeshift screen and bed, as well as a projector with no film in it. Betty finds a TV, a VCR, and a videotape sitting perfectly on it, waiting to be played. The two watch the video in anticipation, a perfect recreation of the gang killing Honey in Jughead’s story. Only everyone is in on it, stabbing him over and over again.

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What theories do you have for season 5 of Riverdale? Who is sending the tapes? What will prom and graduation bring? Season 4 of Riverdale will be releasing on Netflix on May 14, and the latest five episodes are streaming now on The CW app.

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