‘9-1-1’ Recap: A Power Outage Causes Big Problems in Season 3, Episode 17 “Powerless”


Alright, 9-1-1 Nation. Part one of the season finale is here, and it’s big. Last week ended with a serial rapist getting left off the hook, and this week, Athena tries to figure out where Jeffery went into hiding. Once she finds something, it leads to a dangerous scene. Meanwhile, Karen can’t shake the feeling that Hen could be cheating on her, a power outage could spell trouble for some, and a familiar face returns.

Find out what happened in part one of the two-part 9-1-1 season 3 finale event, “Powerless.”

Hen comes into the bedroom, and Karen mentions they have to cut back on eating out. As she goes through the charges, Karen notices there’s a charge for a restaurant that she didn’t know about. Hen says she went with Chim because she never took him out for his birthday. And she didn’t invite Karen?

“I invite you, so he invites Maddie, Maddie invites Buck, Buck invites Eddie, and now we’ve gotta invite Athena and Bobby, and next thing you know, you’re looking at a dinner bill roughly the size of a mortgage payment.”

Denny calls for them, and Hen tells Karen to stay; she’ll take care of it. Hen’s phone beeps, indicating a text message, and Karen grabs it. There are two messages from an “Imelda.”

Bobby shows up to Michael’s place to pick up the kids. They’re just about to eat, so Michael invites him in. May starts giving a rundown of her prom schedule, which is that Saturday, saying they will have 45 minutes for pictures. “Don’t you think your old man should have a little extra time? I mean, you know, on account of my brain tumor.” May tells her dad it’s not funny, but she gives in, telling Michael he gets one hour. Bobby tells Michael that it was well played, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to play that card much longer. Michael’s scan is tomorrow, and he will hopefully crush it. He’s feeling good; he has no headaches or dizziness; he just doesn’t want to jinx it. “I’m just, you know, preparing myself for the worst.” The thing about bad news is that you never see it coming.

Athena is looking at the investigation board at the precinct for the serial rapist case. Jeffery has yet to be caught, there’s no movement on his credit cards, he hasn’t been back to his house or office, and they’re still looking for the car, but he’ll turn up. Athena says even if they do find him, they don’t have any physical evidence that proves he raped anyone, no fingerprints, no DNA.

“Just videos of a man in a mask attacking these women.”

Lou asks Athena if she’s still blaming herself for losing him because she didn’t. She had him, but Lou tells her it’s not her fault. In fact, Athena’s the reason why Jeffery is in hiding right now instead of targeting his next victim. Athena says as long as he’s still free, there will always be a next victim. Gigi comes in, telling Athena the Captain’s office is set up. They’re bringing in the first woman now.

Athena and Lou interview Jeffery’s victims, showing them his videos and trying to get more details. One of them mentions physical items being stolen. He took the necklace she was wearing when he attacked her. After the woman leaves, Lou tells Athena they need to go through the files again and see if anybody else is missing personal items. Athena says those guys sometimes take souvenirs, trophies, otherwise known as evidence. They find that, and they can put him away “for good this time.”

Later, Athena finds Gigi, who has been going through Jeffery’s credit card purchases again. Athena thought that was a dead end, and Gigi figured maybe if she mapped out the places that he frequented, they’d get a fuller picture of his movements. Figure out where he’d go. Athena goes over a map with specific locations tacked; office, house, and real estate listings, but there’s one location that isn’t near there: a coffee shop. Gigi says she has had seven charges there in the past six months; she just can’t figure out why he’d go there. Athena points out that it doesn’t overlap with any of their victims, and Gigi thinks it’s probably nothing.

“Nothing seems to be all we got right now.”

After the 118 respond to a call of a hijacked truck that has now collided with a power line, there’s no way to get to the woman in the truck; the lines are still hot. Bobby tells dispatch he needs DWP to shut down the power, but the estimated time is 10 minutes. Bobby says the vehicle is under downed power lines. Hopefully, they can shave time off. Just as Buck asks about DWP, it seems the power has shut off. Bobby tells Buck and Eddie to get her out carefully and thanks Dispatch for the quick work on the power. “I’d say you’re welcome, but our updates show they’re still four minutes out.” If they didn’t shut the power off, who did? Suddenly, power in the call center shuts off, a traffic light down the road shuts off, and cars crash into each other.

“This is gonna be a long day.”

That night, Athena drives to the coffee shop, which is closed. She sees a storage facility across the street and decides to check it out. As she’s walking around, flashing her light, she calls Lou, telling him she thinks she found something. Maybe that’s where he’s storing his trophies, and Athena says it would explain those coffee shop charges. Nobody’s at the facility because of the power, so she needs Lou to call the manager. Lou says he’ll find out. This could be the break they need. After getting off the phone, Athena spots an opened door with a doorstop. She tells Dispatch she’s doing a business check at the storage facility, then proceeds to go through, gun up. Athena makes her way past storage units, still no sign of anything, until she hears footsteps running and a chain rattling. Jeffery, unseen, is hiding behind one of the units.

After going past some storage units, Athena spots a makeshift bed. She tells Dispatch she’s going to need backup, and detectives are dispatched to the storage facility. Before she can finish talking, Jeffery comes up behind her and attacks her. Maddie and the other dispatchers are hearing the fight over the radio, worried, not knowing what’s going on. Maddie tries to get Athena to say something, but it’s no use. All they can hear is fighting, and Athena is struggling. Maddie goes over the radio, saying that an officer needs help. As the 118 finish up at their scene, they hear Dispatch over the radio about an officer on an open mic in distress, and when they hear the officer’s call number, they know it’s Athena. All that can be heard over the radio is the fight and Athena getting attacked. The 118 is making their way to the storage facility, listening to the fight over the radio, with no one on the truck saying a word or looking at each other. A gun falls onto the ground during the fight, and there’s a gunshot. Everyone at the call center fearing for the worst, Bobby the same, wondering about his wife.

The 118 finally get to the storage facility. Despite an officer telling Bobby the building isn’t clear, that doesn’t stop him from looking for Athena. Once inside, they see Jeffery beaten up and handcuffed to a pipe. An officer tells Bobby she’s here, gun still in her hand. Looking even worse than Jeffery, Athena sits down against a wall, and Hen and Chim check her. Chim notes that Athena’s arm is definitely broken, and she has a broken rib. Athena can barely speak but manages to get out three words: “I got him.” Soon, Chim and Hen get Athena into the ambulance, Bobby close behind. Athena repeats his name, and he assures her he’s here.

Karen is still trying to find out what else Hen is hiding, telling Hen she’s not feeling too well, so it’s probably not a good idea to visit Athena at the hospital. Later, Karen shows up at Chim’s place, wondering who Imelda is. She shows Chim the texts from Hen’s phone, saying it’s proof that Hen is cheating on her. Chim tells Karen that Hen would never do that. “I mean, not after what happened the last time she did that.” Karen shows Chim all the dates and names of a hotel that she found. Chim asks if she found anything else on Hen’s phone, and Karen says there was nothing; it was locked. Chim says it was just two texts and a scrap of paper; it probably means nothing. However, Karen says there’s a charge on their credit card to a restaurant that Hen said she took Chim to for his birthday. Chim can’t believe Hen lied about that. Another lie right to Karen’s face. And Hen is using him to lie to Karen. They barely survived the last time, and now they have two kids to think about. Chim wishes he knew how to help Karen.

Later, Maddie is home, opening the door, and finds Hen standing outside. Maddie invites Hen in, and once inside, she sees a drunk Karen and Chim. Hen thought Karen was sick.

“I am sick. I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of the betrayal.”

Chim repeats after Karen and Maddie suggests they should give them some privacy. Chim wonders why he has to leave, it’s his apartment, and Hen is the one who’s cheating. Hen says she’s not cheating, but the texts and dates beg to differ. She tells Karen that Imelda is Dr. Royce, the surgeon Hen met when she stuck her hand in that man’s chest. Hen was talking to Dr. Royce about what it took to get into med school. Those dates are when Hen can take her MCATs. She didn’t want to say anything because she’s still not sure. It was just such a crazy idea. Karen tells Hen it’s not a crazy idea; she’d be an amazing doctor. She’s sorry she doubted her.

Michael checks in on Bobby to see how he is after everything with Athena, and Bobby says he’s not fine, but he’s managing. Bobby and Michael hated seeing her like that; they know that it’s part of the job, but hearing it “makes you feel powerless.” When that gun went off, when Bobby thought he lost Athena, he knows he didn’t, but he keeps coming back to what if. Bobby doesn’t know what to do with that feeling. “You know, a wise man once told me that he couldn’t offer me any sage advice. All he could offer me was a hammer.” Michael tells Bobby he never did like that fireplace, and although Athena may kill them, Michael says he’ll build them a new one. They start breaking down the fireplace.

It’s prom night, and everyone’s together in Athena’s hospital room. May’s date, Darius, tells Athena it’s her turn, but Athena doesn’t think so; she’s in no condition for a photoshoot. May wants her in her prom pictures, and Athena tells her to look at her.

“I see you. And I couldn’t be more proud. You got him. You won. Those bruises show what kind of fighter you really are, and I want pictures to remember this moment.”

At the call center, Maddie gets a call about a train derailment with multiple injuries, a mass casualty incident. They need RA units, search and rescue, traffic control, and a mobile command center. Maddie tells the caller it seems like she’s done this before.

“Yeah, but I was on your end of the line. I used to be a 9-1-1 dispatcher.”

Connie Britton is officially back as Abby Clark, former 9-1-1 dispatcher and Buck’s former love. What will happen when Buck sees the one that got away? The call about the train derailment is only the beginning of what is sure to be a huge finale that will have everyone on the edge of their seats the entire time. Catch part two of the 9-1-1 season 3 finale this Monday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on FOX, streaming the next day on Hulu and the FOXNOW app.

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