Everything You Need to Know About Michael Vlamis’ New Merch Line & Digital Pop Up Shop on May 2

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Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.

Michael Vlamis has been very busy during this social distancing, participating in various virtual panels and working on his highly anticipated new merch line with Blank Clo which includes an exciting new feature, a digital pop up shop. So what exactly is a digital pop up shop? We’re glad you asked! Vlamis and his team answered some of fans’ burning questions about the event and merch line on the Vlambase Instagram page, but if you didn’t get a chance to read through all the awesome questions don’t fret! We took note of all the essential information for you, Vlambase, so lets dive in and learn everything there is to know about Vlamis’ new merch line and his digital pop up shop!

First things first, what exactly is a digital pop up? The idea stemmed from Vlamis’ original plan to have physical pop up shops in select cities. Exciting right? Unfortunately we are now dealing with the pandemic so Vlamis and company are hosting the digital pop up through the Vlambase Instagram page on May 2. Fans are invited to hang out with them live throughout the day. Attendees will be able to buy merch and might even snag a meet and greet with Vlamis himself!

So how do you attend this amazing event and what does it entail? It’s not a ticketed event so you simply show up to the Vlambase Instagram page. A schedule for the days events will be posted online soon. There will be certain times that fans will want to be online to make the most of the digital pop up shop, so make sure to keep checking the Instagram page. There is no sign up needed for the pop up shop, a link to the merch website will be available in the page’s bio on May 2.

Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.

So, a meet and greet you said? Yes, we said a meet and greet with the man himself! There will a limited number of meet and greet packages available for purchase during the pop up at two levels. Attendees who buy one will receive a follow up and will be able to select a time for their meet and greet. With fans all over the world, Vlamis is making sure everyone has a chance to chat with him. It’s worth noting that no for-purchase meet and greets will take place the day of the pop up, they will be scheduled out over the few weeks following the pop up. All meet and greets be with Vlamis himself! So how long will you get to chat with him? Vlambase described the time as “more like an opportunity to snap a few pics and snag a virtual hug.” So just like at a physical pop up, the time will be short but it will certainly be well worth it. Vlamis is like gold, a little goes a long way!

Now that we know the logistics of the event, lets get to the merch! Beginning May 2, there will be a link to the Vlamis merch page where fans can shop their hearts desire for all things Vlamis and Roswell. There will be a few items available only on the day of the pop up shop, and they will all be marked accordingly on the site. All other merch will be available May 2 through May 15. Much (ok, all) of Vlamis’ hints and promotions have pointed to a very pink merch line. Well, during Vlamis’ panel with Nerds and Beyond, he shared that there will definitely be some variety in color options. There will be more neutral color palette options for those that prefer a more low-key way to rock their Vlamis merch. There will also be a variety of styles as well, we’ve already seen the Roswell inspired nail polish remover bottle design. Vlamis confirmed there will be many size options, with hoodies and tees up to 4xL and sweats up to 3xL. Standard measurement guides will be provided for each item to guide fans in choosing a size. There will also be a few youth options, perfect for the young alien lover in your life. During the panel with Nerds and Beyond, Vlamis also gave a peek at the “bad at relationships” shirt which features a broken heart silhouette of Michael and Alex and “bad at relationships” in Vlamis’ own handwriting. Good thing he has excellent handwriting! Vlamis also told Nerds and Beyond that there will be another design from fan artist solli, who created the “boys will be boys” art from the first merch line.

Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.

Also during his panel, Vlamis told us the inspiration behind this new line! Vlamis looked at who Michael Guerin is during season two. It’s focused not only what Guerin is going through in the show, reeling from loss and finding hope, but also the feelings Vlamis has had during this pandemic. He already had many of the designs in mind, but some of them shifted as a result of these difficult times. He shared that a lot of this line is specifically focused on hope, but there’s also a Malex shirt that is a play on the season one, “pieces want to be together” that he’s excited about.

“Its kind of what Michael Guerin, who’s my same age, is going through in the show. I kind of melded both worlds together and brought in this current hopelessness even though i do believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Vlambase team also noted that item prices will range from $7.90 to $149.90. Items will be shipping internationally, but on a limited basis. Many countries are not accepting international packages and there is no way around that unfortunately. There will be a full shipping update on the site prior to the pop up, and additional updates during the ordering period if anything changes regarding shipping options.

Vlamis also shared that a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to A Little Alien, which helps support Roswell cast and crew suffering financial hardships due to COVID-19. As Vlamis said to Nerds and Beyond, this merch line is founded on hope and in a way is a reminder that things will get better. Let’s join together on May 2 for some fun together and celebrate both Roswell and Michael Vlamis! We’ll continue to bring you updates as more information is revealed but be sure that you are following both Michael Vlamis and the Vlambase Instagram page for the updates. We are certainly excited to see all the amazing new designs!

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