Beyond Hillywood Podcast Premieres April 10!


Join Hilly and Hannah, the creators of The Hillywood Show, as they enter the world of podcasts!

The sisters behind the hit YouTube comedy and parody account The Hillywood Show have created a brand-new podcast called Beyond Hillywood. Sit down with Hilly and Hannah for an inside look as they record, show never-before-seen clips, talk about their lives outside of the studio, plus so much more.

Beyond Hillywood premiers Friday, April 10, with new episodes uploaded biweekly on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube.

Kailin is an avid book reader, and full time nerd. When she isn't writing for Nerds and Beyond, she is writing fan fictions, online role playing with her friends and binge watching her favorite shows. Her first fandom started with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and her life was forever changed. The 100 and Supernatural are her biggest obsessions. You can find her on twitter @kailinmaurine

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