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On Friday, March 13, Niall Horan released his second album titled Heartbreak Weather. The album is a follow-up to Horan’s debut album, Flicker, which released in 2017. After Horan’s experience after a breakup, Heartbreak Weather was born. Where Flicker was more acoustic, Heartbreak Weather is a whole new era of Horan’s music and his maturity in writing and melodies are highlighted.

We’re so excited about this album and thought we’d do a track-by-track review which you can read below.

Heartbreak Weather

Only Niall Horan could take “Heartbreak Weather”, a phrase that sounds lonely and melancholic, and use it in a song so upbeat and hopeful. It’s no wonder this is the title track, it encompasses a little bit of everything we get from this album. It’s upbeat and fun, the kind of song you want to dance around to in your living room, singing, “all of my life it’s been heartbreak weather, thinking to myself ‘it won’t get better’. It can be so lonely in this city, but it feels different when you’re with me,” at top volume. “Heartbreak Weather” is destined to be played on the radio for many months to come.

Black And White

This is one of the best songs the album. The lyrics and the melody mesh together perfectly, and the chorus is a beautiful, up-beat song that anyone can sing to in their car, or at their wedding. It’s one of the more uplifting songs on the album, and you’ll be stuck singing it long after the song is over.

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Dear Patience

This is honestly such a beautiful track that shows off all of the melodic tones of Niall’s voice. It is one you will get lost listening to, and his voice takes you on a journey as he pleads to patience. It also has one of the saddest but beautiful lyrics, “Just me and the stars can get lonely.” Niall certainly has a way with words, and “Dear Patience” certainly proves that. And, those last few instrumental notes are truly stunning. You will want to listen to the very end!

Bend The Rules

Niall’s voice is more subdued in this slow and heartbreaking song. This song is the epitome of heartbreak, and the lyrics are so heartwrenching. It’s a good song to vibe to, and it shows his vocal and songwriting capabilities.

Small Talk

We were treated to “Nice To Meet Ya” as a single, and now we finally hear what sounds a bit like a sequel to the track. Where “Nice To Meet Ya” is fun and flirty, “Small Talk” takes things in a sexier direction with serious “Slow Hands” vibes. It’s the kind of song that plays as two people make heated eye contact across the room. “Small Talk” is the passionate make out session before two characters fall into bed together.

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Nice To Meet Ya

One of the first songs we got to listen to will continue to be one of the best, and let’s face it, sexiest songs Niall has ever released. It is hard not to blast this one and sing at the top of your lungs. You will want to play this on repeat, get your groove on, and add it to every playlist. It is truly a fun and catchy song. I dare you not to fall a little more in love with Niall with this one!

Put A Little Love On Me

Niall has the kind of heartbreaking conviction in his voice to shatter anyone who listens to it. The vulnerability of the vocals coupled with the soft piano and musical accompaniment will tug at your heartstrings in a way few other songs have. What also makes this song standout is lines like, “Are you all dressed up, oh, with nowhere to go? Are your tears falling down when the lights are low? Another Friday night tryin’ put on a show.” He hurts, he knows his ex hurts, but he can’t fix it. “Put A Little Love On Me” will rip your heart out while also making you want to play it on repeat.

Arms Of A Stranger

“Arms Of A Stranger” is another heartbreaking melody, and gives you a punch in the gut with lyrics like, “You’ve known someone for a long time, but you never really know who they are.” The song hits a faster beat, but is still laced with undertones of hurt and heartbreak, which really make you feel for him.

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The way the verses are framed with the melody is so interesting and beautiful. The bridge builds to a upbeat chorus that you can easily sing at the top of your lungs. The lyrics are complex and laced with sadness, but it’s a song that every person can relate to.

Cross Your Mind

Right away, the music with catch you and make you want to dance. I can hear this as a single on the radio, everyone in the car singing along. Of course, despite the upbeat melody, the lyrics tell a story of his love for a girl who is running around and “out there running wild.” His love will always keep him coming back for more, no matter how much it hurts.

New Angel

You may wonder how a song about a rebound romance can be absolutely lovely? Well, look no further. Niall sings about needing a new angel in his life, one who feels so heavenly, and one who distract him from his past love. The melody and his voice will sweep you away in the softness of the song, like a romantic hymn.

No Judgement

This song is one of an incredibly sweet message, that with him, there will be no judgement. The melody is fun and memorable, and it’s a fun song that will put a smile on your face.

San Francisco

This one is another that will tough on your heartstrings as many Niall songs do. The plea of, “take me back, take me back” echoes throughout the song as he makes his mind up to return to San Francisco and make a bold move to win back his love. Lines like, “I might show up on your doorstep, soaking wet” paint a vivid mental picture, slow motion rain as he runs back to their door and begs to be heard out. It’s a beautiful song with a gorgeous arrangement that will keep this one playing in your head long after you turn off the radio.

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“Still” is the final track on Heartbreak Weather and is nothing short of a masterpiece. It begins as an acoustic ballad with vocals in a higher register as he asks gently for forgiveness, “Overreacting lately. Find it hard to say I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you somehow.” When the first chorus ends with “I’m still in love with you,” the song builds in complexity. We hear more string instruments join as the vocal performance is stronger while he makes his apology and his new hope, “Breaking up on nights just like this. We should be shooting for them stars of gold.” Finally the track builds to a full crescendo of vocals and instruments as he pours his heart out in the chorus again, “And it’s killing me that we could go to war like this. But I’m standing here with you just trying to be honest. If honesty means telling you the truth, I’m still in love with you.” He finally speaks his truth, and then the track ends as it began, with an almost sweet simplicity of whistling and string instruments. “Still” is a truly beautiful track, and a perfect way to end the album.

Make sure to check out Niall’s new album, Heartbreak Weather, available now.

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