Taika Waititi Turns Cult Leader in ‘Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss’

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You tour an adorable little apartment; the rent is low, what more could you ask for? Maybe that said apartment didn’t previously belong to a cult leader? Unfortunately, for Claire (Kate Micucci) and Paul (Sam Huntington), they only got those first two things in the new comedy Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss from director Vivieno Caldinelli, and writers Christopher Hewitson, Justin Jones, and Clayton Hewitson.

It would seem like they’ve stumbled into their dream scenario until an endless string of followers of the (dead) cult leader Storsh (Taika Waititi) keep breaking into their apartment to ceremoniously sacrifice themselves in their bathtub. What are two innocent bystanders to do?

Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss features an all-star comedic cast with Kate Micucci, Sam Huntington, Dan Harmon, Mark McKinney, Rhea Seehorn, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Brian Posehn, Lilan Bowden, John Dore, Josh Brener, Mindy Sterling, J Lee, Brian Girard, Michael St. Michaels, Matt Jones, and Academy Award Winner, Taika Waititi.

It hit select theaters on March 6 and will be available on-demand March 17. Check out the trailer below!


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