Wednesday, October 5, 2022

‘Ragnarok’ Season Two Announced by Netflix

TELEVISIONNETFLIX'Ragnarok' Season Two Announced by Netflix

Ragnarok is described as a coming-of-age fantasy drama based on Norse mythology where the main character, Magne, is given the powers of the god Thor upon his arrival in the fictitious town of Edda. The first season dropped on January 31 and is proving to be popular. It took us on a journey of how the teen boy comes to discover his powers, and the dark secrets that lie beneath the somewhat sleepy town of Edda. The name of the town may also give away some hints of the unfolding story; Edda is the medieval collection of Old Norse poems and one of the most extensive sources for Norwegian mythology, Norse heroes, and the Old Norse mythological world – which include Ragnarok.

In season one, Magne faces off against frost giants, who have lived as humans, and uncovers some of the secrets and lies of the townspeople and also his role what might be in stopping a new ‘Ragnarok’ — or the battle of the gods and the end of the world — from happening. The climate changes that are taking place in Edda – like extreme weather conditions — hint at what is going to happen to the world if ‘the Gods’ don’t intervene and stop it. Without involving spoilers, there are some exciting clues as to what might be coming in season two, like the arrival of Loki and other Norse Gods.

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No official date of when season two will arrive. For now, catch up on season one of Ragnorok on Netflix.

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