‘Beginner’s Luck’ Featuring Matthew Gray Gubler Screening at Chicago Comedy Film Festival!

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This year’s Chicago Comedy Film Festival will see a familiar face on the screen!

Matthew Gray Gubler stars in Beginner’s Luck, a short directed by actor and writer Casey Feigh. The short will be featured in The Righteous Truth Shorts Program alongside eight other shorts on Saturday March 21 at 12:50 p.m. in theater 310. Tickets will cost $12. Read the synopsis for the short below!

A team of strangers makes it all the way to the championship where they face the perennial champs, in this tale of a small town bowling league changing people’s lives.

The short also features Lauren Lapkus, Ego Nwodim, Betsy Sodaro, Mary Holland, Rebecca Lee Robertson, Ali Ghandour and Peter Banifaz.

The festival will be taking place from March 19-22 and tickets for the weekend and to various events can be purchased here.


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