Monday, October 25, 2021

Vote Now for Jensen Ackles & Richard Speight, Jr. for Canadagraphs Best Director Award

Voting is underway for the Best of TV Awards at Canadagraphs!

Jensen Ackles, Richard Speight, Jr., Amanda Tapping, Robert Singer, and Phil Sgriccia have all been nominated for Canadagraphs Best Director Award for their work on The CW’s Supernatural episodes “Atomic Monsters” (Ackles), “Proverbs 13:7” (Speight), “Nihilism” (Tapping), “Lebanon” (Singer), and “Moriah” (Sgriccia).

Supernatural is featured in many categories such as Favorite Show, Best Episode (for “Moriah”, “Nihilism”, “Lebanon”, “Atomic Monsters”, and “Proverbs 17:3”), and Best Stunts. >

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It’s also a semi-finalist in the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show, the leads Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins for Best Actor in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Program, Mark Pellegrino and Rob Benedict for Best Recurring Actor, Ruth Connell and Samantha Smith for Best Recurring Actress, Jim Beaver and Jeffrey Dean Morgan among others for Best Guest Actor, Briana Buckmaster, Erica Cerra, Danneel Ackles, Lisa Berry and Emily Swallow among others for Best Guest Actress and Best Non-Human Prop/Character for the Impala!

The round for Best Director, Favorite Show, and Best Episode are open so get out there and vote for your favorites! Stay tuned for news on when the next round opens up and who we’ll see! You can vote here.

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