Friday, October 7, 2022

Niall Horan Releases New Single “No Judgement”

MUSICNiall Horan Releases New Single "No Judgement"

Niall Horan fans around the world woke up this morning to a lot of news from the Irish singer. Not only did he launch his new album art, title, and release date, we also got a brand new single titled “No Judgement”. The song is accompanied by a hilarious video in which a tuxedo-clad Niall follows an elderly couple who have entered the ‘no judgement’ period of their life.

The couple starts off sweet, dancing together in their very large home and the wife doing yoga while the husband mows the lawn. It also takes a weird turn which even confuses Niall. There’s shrimp between toes, there’s a revealing painting, and a hilarious bathroom scene. The video is a wild ride start to finish, but the message of the lyrics are clear. With him, there is no judgement of weird quirks or interests, just be yourself. Check out the video below!

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You can also listen to “No Judgement” on your favorite streaming platform and pre-order his new album Heartbreak Weather out March 13.

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