Tyler Blackburn Partners with Stands to Raise Funds for Australian Wildlife


As the Australian wildfires continue to burn, people around the world have watched with broken hearts and animals and people are displaced and their homes destroyed. However, Roswell, New Mexico and Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn has partnered with Stands to raise awareness and funds for WIRES Wildlife Rescue in Australia.

Image Courtesy Stands.

The front of the black t-shirt (or sweatshirt) features the shape of Australia while the back includes the phrase “Never Look Away.” As Blackburn’s Instagram caption reads, we can’t look away from the raging fires or the injured and displaced animals.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue will received a portion of the proceeds from Blackburn’s campaign which will run from February 3-14 so make sure to place your order soon! WIRES Wildlife Rescue is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization in the country. They are working tirelessly to care for the over 1 billion animals affected by the fires. To learn more about their work check out their website here.

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