7 Reasons Why ‘Supernatural’ Fans Will Love ‘Roswell, New Mexico’


With Supernatural making a move to Monday nights this March, fans will have the perfect opportunity to join the growing fandom of Roswell, New Mexico which will air immediately following Supernatural. With season two fast approaching, now is the perfect time for Supernatural fans to binge the first season of the new hit show! We’ve been fans since the first episode, and we can say for certain that Roswell, New Mexico has many elements in common with Supernatural that fans are sure to love. Check out the list below on why Supernatural fans should give Roswell, New Mexico a chance.

1. Family Centered Drama

There is no denying that at the core of Supernatural lies the sibling bond between Sam and Dean Winchester and their makeshift family that includes Castiel, Jack, Bobby, Jody, Donna, and more fellow hunters than we can rightly count. Roswell, New Mexico at its core focuses on two sets of siblings, Liz and Rosa Ortecho, the latter of which died at just 19 years old, 10 years prior to the pilot. Also at its heart is the alien siblings Max Evans, Isobel Evans-Bracken, and Michael Guerin who very much have the ‘family before everything’ mentality we see in Supernatural. Their very survival demands they rely on one another at all costs, and when that bond is threatened, things get very real very fast for them.

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2. Murder Mystery

Where Supernatural focuses on a new (murder) mystery every week by way of monsters, Roswell‘s overarching, season-long mysteries will keep you just as engaged. Whether it’s the mysterious origin of our three favorite aliens or the very tense (no spoilers) murder mystery Liz finds herself in the middle of as the season progresses, it’ll keep you constantly guessing.

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3. Supernatural Elements

How could we leave out the supernatural element that ultimately makes Supernatural, well, supernatural? Our two hunters face everything from vampires to archangels, but Roswell centers on the alien siblings and their unknown origins. They also boast some very impressive (and sometimes scary) supernatural powers that will get them into and out of a lot of trouble throughout season one!

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4. Amazing Script/Writers

At the helm for Roswell is creator/show runner and self professed Supernatural fan Carina Adly MacKenzie who pulled together the cream of the crop when it comes to script writers. The one-liners, the heartfelt speeches, the fear, and the fighting will have you hanging on every word of every episode. It’s real in a way a lot of shows aren’t and that is due in large part to the writer’s room heroes who wholly understand the characters and their intentions they way Supernatural has given Sam, Dean, Cas, Jack and the recurring characters their own character development and personalities we love so much.

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5. A Fantastic Cast

Of course the other half of the above mentioned storytelling equation is the cast. Where the writer’s room creates the beautiful blueprint of Roswell‘s characters, the cast brings them to life on-screen. Supernatural fans often feel we hit the jackpot with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, three men who give their all to their characters, help raise awareness about charities, and genuinely care about their fans. So too does the cast of Roswell. You need only read an interview with Jeanine Mason (Liz Ortecho), Nathan Dean Parsons (Max Evans), Michael Vlamis (Michael Guerin), or any of the dedicated cast to know they care deeply about Roswell and the growing fandom. Jeanine has worked to raise awareness for many charities including Girls Inc. of Santa Fe while Michael Vlamis’ recent merch line donated all proceeds to Random Acts. Jensen, Jared, and Misha never let us down and neither will the amazing cast of Roswell.

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6. Great Music

While Supernatural has classic rock, Roswell is just as iconic with an eclectic mix of 90’s and early 2000’s music songs such as “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” by Counting Crows, “Got You” by The Flys, “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend, “Sedona” by Houndmouth, and so many more. Anyone who grew up in that era of music will find themselves feeling nostalgic more than once while watching. Additionally, every episode title is also the song title of a 90’s tune that relates in some way to the episode. A few more modern songs are also thrown in, with one sung by cast member Tyler Blackburn (Alex Manes).

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7. Emotional Depth

Supernatural brings the emotions nearly every episode as Sam and Dean fight to save people while hunting things. When the road gets rough they sometimes let those emotions out and we feel it right along with them. This is one area Roswell, New Mexico might beat out Supernatural. From the will-they-won’t-they relationships to the heartache of losing a loved one, and to the tense, action-packed moments, you’ll definitely get an emotional work out while watching this one!

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Bonus: The Cast is Easy On The Eyes

Let’s be honest, the cast of Supernatural is pretty easy on the eyes (and that’s putting it mildly). The cast of Roswell doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either which just makes watching the show that much more compelling. If you aren’t at least a little in love with one or more of the characters by the end of season one, I would be shocked.

So there you have it! There is plenty of time to watch season one before the season two premiere which will conveniently be right after Supernatural on Monday, March 16. Season one is available on Netflix and the final five episodes are on The CW app now so watch (though we highly recommend a one day binge session), and tell us what you are looking forward to the most for season two!

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