‘Riverdale’ Recap: The Gang Take on Stonewall Prep in Season 4, Episode 11 “Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show”


Once again, it’s Riverdale High versus Stonewall Prep in another competition, this time in a Quiz Show. Betty finds out that Bret also got accepted to Yale, but at what cost? And Veronica and Cheryl work hard at their new rum company.

Find out everything that happened in the newest episode of Riverdale, “Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show.”

Betty and Jughead are in Jughead’s room at Stonewall. Betty’s wondering why Jughead is smiling, and Jughead simply replies with, “Just everything.” He tells Betty he turned in his draft for the Baxter Brothers book and Yale said … Betty realizes that Jughead got accepted into Yale and didn’t tell her. Jughead asks Betty if she’s okay, and Betty tells him she is; she’s just processing, but she’s happy for him and proud of him. Later, as Betty is leaving, Bret runs into her and mentions he guesses he’ll see her in New Haven the following year, but of course, she’ll just be a visitor. “You got into Yale?” Bret tells Betty not to look so surprised but not to worry; he’ll try to keep the co-eds away from Jughead (no promises). But he does promise to crush her in the Quiz Show finals if Riverdale makes it that far, at least.

Veronica and Cheryl are talking to their Chemistry teacher, Dr. Beaker. Cheryl tells him they hope he has the skill set to help them with something of a personal nature. They’re simply asking him to analyze their maple-based concoction to ensure that their recipe differs enough from Lodge Rum. That way, Veronica tells Dr. Beaker, they can’t be sued or ceased and desisted by her father. Veronica asks Dr. Beaker again if he’s a rum drinker.

Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Riverdale wins the Quiz Show semi-finals against Seaside, meaning Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni will face Stonewall in the finals. Charles comes up to Betty afterward, telling her she did great. Betty says great might not be enough to beat him, aka Bret, and tells Charles Bret clearly came to throw her off her game. She asks Charles if there’s any way he could help her with him. “As long as it doesn’t involve shallow graves and lye.” Betty says no, she just wants to make him sweat. She says any intel Charles could find to help her mess with his mind would be much appreciated. Charles wants to know if it’s because Bret got into Yale and she didn’t. Alice told him. Betty says she worked her ass off for four years, put in extra time at the Blue and Gold, maintained a 4.1 GPA, and she still didn’t get in. “Not knowing why is driving me crazy.” Charles tells Betty his former mentor at the FBI teaches criminal law at Yale, and he’ll see if he can get some answers about Yale and Bret.

Wyatt Nash and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Veronica and Cheryl meet with Hiram, giving him a bottle of their rum. Hiram’s confused, does he need to remind them that he actually owns the patent on this rum? “Correction, Daddy. You own the patent on sad, tired molasses-based rum.” Theirs is maple-based. Cheryl tells Hiram in a pre-emptive move to rum-block him, they had a scientist analyze it. According to him, by making the main ingredient maple syrup, their rum’s DNA has changed by 51%. Which means, legally, Hiram can’t sue or stop them. “And should you be inspired to create your own version of our invention, consider yourself forewarned because we control the patent on maple rum?” Veronica tells Hiram their rum war is back on.

Charles tells Betty he did some digging on Bret and her instincts were right again, giving her a folder with information. Later, Betty barges into Jughead and Bret’s room at Stonewall and tells Bret she’s so onto him. Jughead wants to know what’s going on, and Betty tells him his roommate’s father paid someone to take the PSATs for him, but his father covered it all up, then bought his way into Stonewall, as she’s sure he did with Yale as well.

“Because the truth is, you haven’t earned a single thing in your life, Bret. You’re just a pathetic rich kid.”

Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Sean Depner in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

At La Bonne Nuit, Veronica tells Cheryl they now have a truly enviable product, but they still need to get the word out to potential customers, so Veronica suggests they make La Bonne Nuit their base of operations. Didn’t Hiram revoke the place’s liquor license? Veronica says they wouldn’t sell rum; they would hand out free samples. Instead of being a speakeasy, they’d reopen La Bonne Nuit as a dance club.

“Sweaty people equals thirsty people, which equals people desperate for overpriced mocktails.”

Cheryl tells Veronica that meanwhile, they covertly hand out samples of their delicious homemade rum, and Veronica replies their coat check girl could take down the names and orders of potential customers, and the legitimate money they bring in at the club could help fund their shadow operation.

Charles meets Betty and tells her he heard from his mentor at Yale. Charles says they didn’t want to accept the daughter of the Black Hood; they were afraid that if her father’s identity got out, it would generate bad press and problems with the other students. He apologizes, and Betty leaves. That night, Betty is at her father’s grave.

“You’ll never be satisfied, will you, Dad? It wasn’t enough that you had to ruin my past and my present, but you had to destroy my future too. Even rotting in the ground, you still find ways to torture me.”

Betty says she’s done and takes a sledgehammer to Hal’s tombstone. Alice runs up to her, stopping her, and they hug as Alice tells Betty it’s okay and she’s sorry.

Mädchen Amick and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Jughead comes into Betty’s room, and Betty tells him he didn’t have to come, and he tells her of course he did, especially after what Alice told him downstairs. Betty says she fully spiraled in a cemetery. “No, you had a human reaction to a situation that was totally out of your control.” Jughead apologizes that he wasn’t there when she needed him, and he really hates when they fight. Betty tells him he deserves Yale, and she’s happy for him. It’s just hard for her to untangle that from how sad she is that she won’t be going. Jughead admits he’s been thinking — Stonewall got him into Yale, but what if he could pay it forward, helping Betty win? Not the Quiz Show; she’s got that in the bag. Jughead says he’s thinking about the other, bigger game that they’re playing.

The La Bonne Nuit dance club is a huge hit, as is Veronica and Cheryl’s maple concoction, and Cheryl tells Veronica they already have a long list of interested buyers. “Let’s keep those free shots flowing.” Suddenly, the power turns off, and Hiram and a few cops come barging in. Hiram tells his daughter it’s a raid. “You may be mayor, but you can’t just barge in here like you own the place.” Hiram shows Veronica a warrant, saying it’s been brought to his attention that there is alcohol being sold on the premises. Cheryl says they aren’t selling anything. A cop opens a door with bottles of rum to prove it. Hiram tells Veronica and Cheryl when they play against him; they’ll lose every single time and takes a sledgehammer to the bottles of rum.

Later, Cheryl tells Veronica they have a new batch brewing at Thistlehouse at that very moment. “And to what end?” Veronica knows her father; he’ll just keep raiding this place. Cheryl says yes, he will raid this place. Why is she saying it like it’s a good thing? Cheryl tells Veronica she just had one of her “hellaciously simple, yet brilliant ideas.” What if they keep La Bonne Nuit open as a nightclub as a distraction? Get him to focus on it while they relocate their rum business elsewhere. “Do you happen to have one of these magical realms tucked away in your back pocket?” More like top floor, Cheryl says.

Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Cheryl takes Veronica to her mother’s old brothel, The Maple Club. The most exclusive gentlemen’s club in town, just sitting there — it has everything they need. Private drinking club, premium security system, and a book with a list of Riverdale’s richest. “Let’s tap those scumbags like maple trees and start making some real money.” Veronica and Cheryl start making some calls. Afterward, Veronica says they’re taking on quite the load, and Cheryl suggests they need a full-time live-in manager to endure things run smoothly. The two get down to the bunker, and Veronica doesn’t quite like the idea.

Veronica: “Cheryl, she’s a killer.”

Cheryl: “So was Betty’s father. So was your father.”

Penelope asks Cheryl why she’s come for her, and Cheryl says to offer her a change of venue and a way to work off her debt to society and her … as long as she’s willing to play by their “tightly coiled rules.”

It’s Quiz Show time, and as everyone is getting ready, Jughead walks up to Betty, introducing her to Mr. Brooks, the Yale recruiter. Mr. Brooks tells Betty Jughead was insistent he sees her in action. Alice comes up to Betty, saying she heard from Jughead about the recruiter; if she wins, she gets another shot. Betty says as if she wasn’t already stressed enough. Alice tells Betty she left her a present in the green room, then walks away. Betty finds the present, and it turns out to be the questions and answers for the Quiz Show.

Riverdale ends up winning the Quiz Show after a tight race, with Betty answering most of the questions. Jughead comes up to her, and Betty says she doesn’t know what’s better: The win or the look on Bret’s face. Jughead tells Betty she’s going to solve every mystery in Connecticut. Later, Betty places the trophy on the mantle at home, and Alice tells her she’s glad to see that she’s not beating herself up; she did what she had to do. “Not in the way you think, Mom.” Betty says she didn’t use the answers Alice stole; she tore them up and threw them away. She wanted to beat Bret fair and square.

Mädchen Amick, Lil Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madeleine Petsch, and Vanessa Morgan in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Betty is walking down the hall at school, and everyone is cheering for her. However, Mr. Honey is waiting for her at the end of the hallway, saying how she apparently won is a grave problem. Mr. Honey holds up a ziplock bag with the torn answer sheet and puts it back together. It was found in the trash inside Betty’s green room. Mr. Honey demands Betty go to his office.

When Betty gets home, Alice tells her the school called, and she tried convincing Mr. Honey that Betty had nothing to do with it. That it was her doing to try to give Betty an advantage, to balance the damage her father had done. Betty says she knows and then asks Alice why she’s not at work. Alice says someone told her station manager, and she’s been put on leave without pay for who knows how long. How could anyone find out? Where’s the evidence? Alice says she was so careful. Betty suggests someone dug through her trash, probably Bret. But Betty didn’t even use those answers. Betty says it doesn’t matter; no one believes her. According to Mr. Honey, Riverdale’s victory has been tainted by a cloud of scandal. Betty tells Alice it’s been overturned, Stonewall wins again, and she’s been suspended, pending further investigation.

Veronica and Cheryl are working at the Maple Club, and business is booming. Veronica gets a text from Pop Tate saying that La Bonne Nuit just got raided again. The only thing Hiram will find is a club of sweaty teenagers imbibing virgin Coladas, fizzy juice drinks, and coffee-infused colas.

Jughead finds Bret in their room and tells him he’s a pathological lunatic; he knows what he did to Betty. “You consider yourself to be this elite man of honor, but you are nothing more than a joke and a coward.” Jughead says, as stated by the Quill and Skull charter that a dispute between two members can be solved according to the code of the society of the founding fathers — a duel.

Four weeks later, Betty is at Pop’s, and Archie meets up with her. Betty tells Archie she doesn’t think she can do this anymore, she keeps waiting for Jughead to come back, but he doesn’t. And he won’t ever come back.

“And I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep going.”

Archie tells Betty they’ll get through this together.

KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart in Riverdale. Image courtesy of The CW.

Next week’s Riverdale will be a crossover with its new spin-off, Katy Keene, with Lucy Hale guest starring. Then the following night, the series premiere of Katy Keene will take place at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m CT on The CW.

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