Sir Patrick Stewart Invites Whoopi Goldberg to Second Season of ‘Picard’

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Courtesy of ABC.

Good news for Star Trek fans! Whoopi Goldberg has officially been asked to return to the universe in the second season of Picard by the main star himself, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Earlier this week, Stewart was a guest on The View to discuss the new season of Picard and returning to the beloved character on CBS All Access, along with finally getting his hands and feet cemented in Hollywood. Stewart took a moment to interrupt the questions to formally ask Goldberg to return to her character, Guinan, in the second season of Picard.

The crowd immediately started cheering and clapping, rising to their feet (including a few of Goldberg’s co-hosts) at this request. Goldberg herself had a huge grin on her face at the request and stood up to hug Stewart in sheer joy. He pleaded with her to say yes and she did immediately, which drew a big fist bump from Stewart. Goldberg seemed to be overwhelmed with emotions, a few tears falling from her eyes. She spoke of how much she loved being on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has often spoken of the show in fondness.

We cannot wait to see what comes next season!

You can watch the full clip below.

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