Potterhead Running Club Partnering with Random Acts

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Courtesy of the Potterhead Running Club

Potterhead Running Club is partnering with Random Acts for their first run of 2020! Kicking off their seventh year as a virtual run program, this run is titled Ironbelly 7K. The theme was created from the Golden Trio’s escape from Gringotts and the freeing of the dragon from the vaults in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Potterhead Running Club is a charitable program that partners with other charities. For each virtual run, they pick an organization that connects with the theme of the run. For the Ironbelly 7K, they connect Harry’s act of kindness that frees the dragon from the vaults with the spirit of Random Acts. All acts of kindness, whether it is buying a meal for person behind you in line or freeing that dragon, help make the world a better place, and you never know how it will affect the whole story.

If running isn’t your preferred method of exercise, no worries. The virtual run can be done at any pace and by any manner you wish. You can skip, hop, or walk the 7K at your own pace. If you’re feeling in the mood, you can even do the Ironbelly 7K by broomstick.

Courtesy of the Potterhead Running Club

The support from the Potterhead Running Club to Random Acts will fund dozens of Sponsored Acts of Kindness. You can find out how to get involved directly with Random Acts on their website. Along with the run, you can also purchase a shirt, tank, or sweatshirt. All proceeds will go to Random Acts.

Register for the Ironbelly 7K here.

For more information about The Potterhead Running Club, you can visit their website.

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