Friday, March 31, 2023

Funko Reveals ‘The Mandalorian’ Pops!

MERCHCOLLECTIBLESFunko Reveals 'The Mandalorian' Pops!

The Disney+ hit new series The Mandalorian has taken the galaxy by storm. This live-action Star Wars action-adventure starring Pedro Pascal and Carl Weathers recently completed its first eight-episode season. It is set to air season two on the Disney streaming service in the fall of 2020.

Are you looking to do a little bounty hunting yourself? Star Wars fans are in luck! Funko has revealed the new The Mandalorian Pop! Collection. This new collection will have a total of sixteen new pops that will be added to shelves. With four being individual exclusives and a two-pack exclusive. From Greef Karga to A Trandoshan Thug. There will be a pop! for every Star Wars fan.

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The non-exclusive Funko characters will include a Pop! Greef Karga, Pop! Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, Pop! Q9-Zero, Pop! Incinerator Stormtrooper, Pop! Offworld Jawa, Pop! Covert Mandalorian, Pop! The Mandalorian, Pop! The Armorer, Pop! The Client and Pop! Deluxe the Mandalorian on Blurrg. These galactic vinyl figures will be available wherever Funko pops are sold!

The exclusive Funko characters will include a two-pack Pop! Mandalorian and IG-11 Barnes and Noble exclusive, Pop! Death Watch Mandalorian GameStop exclusive, Mandalorian with flame Pop! Target exclusive, Trandoshan Thug Pop! Walgreens exclusive, and a Mandalorian wearing Beskar armor Pop! Amazon exclusive.

Keep a look for The Mandalorian Pop! Collection coming soon to a store near you!


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