Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘V Wars’ Ian Somerhalder Announces Sweepstakes for ‘V Wars’ Fans!

TELEVISIONNETFLIX'V Wars' Ian Somerhalder Announces Sweepstakes for 'V Wars' Fans!

Ian Somerhalder, who some of you may know from the 8-season long show The Vampire Diaries, is in a new hit show with a similar theme, V Wars, streaming on Netflix now.

The show stars Somerhalder — who directed and executive produced the new hit show — as Dr. Luther Swann, a man trying desperately to save his son, and humanity, from a disease that is turning humans with a specific gene into “Bloods” or “Verdulaks.”

Ian has posted to his Instagram about a fun activity he is planning for V Wars fans to be entered into a sweepstakes if they answer questions about the show, which he will post tomorrow. Fans can be entered into the sweepstakes for V Wars merchandise, or even a 10 minute video call with Ian Somerhalder himself.

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Check out the message from Ian below!

Check out the trailer for V Wars below!

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V Wars is streaming now on Netflix. Make sure to binge and check Ian’s personal accounts to be entered in the sweepstakes!

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