Nerds Get Cheery: Take a ‘Holiday Date’ with Matt Cohen


Christmas is drawing near, and if you love romantic holiday movies, Holiday Date is the perfect one to watch. Holiday Date premiered this past weekend, and since it features one of our favorites, Matt Cohen, we knew it was a perfect film to highlight.

Courtesy of ‘Hallmark Channel’

Brittany Bristow stars as Brooke, an inspiring fashion designer who has a love for Christmas. When Brooke goes to meet her boyfriend Ethan for dinner, Ethan tells her that they’re moving too fast. He then proceeds to break up with Brooke, who is scrambling since they previously shared plans for Ethan to come home with her to meet her family for Christmas. Not wanting to disappoint her family, Brooke enlists the help of Joel, an actor who she met at a Christmas party by mutual friends, to play the role of Ethan so that she could bring him home for Christmas.

Courtesy of ‘Hallmark Channel’

The story is the perfect mix of romantic, holiday goodness that you long for, and Cohen and Bristow bring this story alive. It’s not a spoiler to know that Joel is actually Jewish, and the blend of the two holidays and the learning of the traditions is beautifully portrayed in the film. There’s also quite a few bits of comedy in the film that have you laughing, and it seems more comedic than other Hallmark films, which makes it stand out. Cohen is perfect as the charming, loveable Joel, who comes to the rescue, and he really makes you root for his character. Bristow works great as Brooke, and you really feel for her and her desire to please her family.

Courtesy of ‘Hallmark Channel’

It’s a film you can watch with the whole family and pulls on your heartstrings at times. Gather your hot chocolate and blankets and settle in to watch Holiday Date, which you can find on the Hallmark Channel.

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