‘6 Underground’ Is Almost Here and It Looks Explosive!

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6 Underground promises all the effects we are used to when director Michael Bay gets his hands on a movie. If the trailer lets us know anything, it’s that the movie will not disappoint. Combined with the humor that has become the calling-card for Ryan Reynolds, 6 Underground absolutely looks like it will be the action flick of the holidays this year.

Reynolds plays the role of “The Mastermind,” a tech-billionare who fakes his own death and assembles a team of operatives to take down a brutal dictator. Recruited onto his team are Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as “The Hitman,” Adria Arjona as “The Doctor,” Ben Hardy as “The Skywalker,” Corey Hawkins as “The Operative,” and Mélanie Laurent as “The Spy,” all with their own strengths and weaknesses, and they sure make an interesting team. Following the footsteps of “The Mastermind,” they all fake their deaths, blend in with the world, and become ghosts — all to try and take down a dictator so awful they are willing to lose everything they have.

6 Underground premieres in select theaters December 11, and you will be able to stream it on Netflix staring on December 13. Watch the trailer below!

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