‘Motherhacker’: A Dramatic and Compelling Podcast Adventure


Courtesy of Gimlet Media.

Looking for a new podcast to pass the time on your next long drive? Queue up Motherhacker in your downloads then, but make sure you have at least an hour and a half to kill, because you won’t want to stop listening until the very end.

Motherhacker is a nine-episode scripted fiction podcast that was released a few weeks ago from Gimlet Media. The premise of the story is:

Bridget’s life is a series of dropped calls. With a gift for gab, an ex-husband in rehab, and down to her last dollar, Bridget’s life takes a desperate turn when she starts vishing over the phone for a shady identity theft ring in order to support her family.

The series is written by Sandi Farkas and executive produced and directed by Amanda Lipitz. Bridget is voiced by the unbelievably talented Carrie Coon, who utilizes an incredible range of vocal abilities throughout the course of the show. And for those that can’t get enough of the mysterious voice underneath the helmet in Disney+’s The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal conveys a beautiful depth of emotions in his scenes. Other stars include Alan Cumming, Lucas Hedges, Tavi Gevinson, and Alex Goldman.

Check out a preview of Motherhacker below.

Each episode is around 8 to 15 minutes long, and the story is a gripping and wild ride from start to finish. You’ll find yourself literally immersed in Bridget’s world as her life begins to spiral, because the sound design team put a painstaking amount of detail into the show to make it feel as realistic as possible.

Listen to Motherhacker now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or Stitcher, and check out the rest of Gimlet Media’s podcast offerings here!

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