‘Supernatural’ Recap: Season 15, Episode 6 “Golden Time”

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On this week’s episode of Supernatural, a fan-favorite character comes back after her death in season 13, and I have to tell you, it is pretty touching. Also back is Castiel, who is working a case once he hears about a body that was found in a lake and a woman tells him her son is missing. There’s also a possible new version of Sam that may or may not be crucial for the remainder of the season, however way you look at it.

Strap in and get ready for everything that happened in the sixth episode of Supernatural‘s 15th and final season, “Golden Time.”

We start at Rowena’s apartment, and a witch uses a spell to break in. She’s going through drawers, bookshelves, and glasses, tearing the place apart and breaking everything just to find something, wondering where the good stuff is. Her nose starts bleeding, her vision gets blurry, she starts coughing and falls over, trying to make it out the door, but she doesn’t make it.

At the bunker, Sam tries to find anything that pertains to God or Lilith when he feels something in the kitchen with him. Dean comes in with a box of cereal. Sam says he’s been looking for signs of God or Lilith while Dean’s been in his room, eating cereal. Dean says he’s also been marathoning Scooby-Doo. He asks Sam if he’s found anything, and Sam tells him not yet. Sam asks Dean if he noticed anything weird when he just came into the kitchen. Dean says no, then asks if he had another one of his visions. Sam says he hasn’t had a vision since Colorado, so maybe they stopped. Dean tells him not until Chuck gets his end game; The Winchester Bowl, Cain and Abel 2.0. This is God they’re talking about. He wouldn’t be too worried about finding God. He’ll find them.

Over in Wyoming, Cas walks to a bait and tackle shop. The owner, Andy, opens up the shop and lets him in. Cas, or “Clarence,” tells him, “I had a friend who always praised fishing for its meditative qualities.” Cas notices that Andy isn’t his usual self and asks him if everything’s alright. Andy tells him he’s a volunteer firefighter, and they pulled a body out of the lake that morning, a missing kid. He says the way he looked; he seemed to have drowned, except he was drained of his blood.

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Sam is jogging and notices his breath is visible. He stops and looks around, trying to figure out what it is. A figure starts to appear in front of him, and it’s Eileen. At the bunker, Dean wants to know why Eileen was in Hell. She didn’t make a deal. She was innocent. Eileen explains the Hellhound that killed her dragged her there. Sam tells Dean she escaped when Chuck blew all the doors open. She’s been trying to get the guys to see her for a while now. Eileen tells them she knows how it ends for ghosts; they go crazy, they hurt people, and she can’t stay there and won’t go back down to Hell. She thought maybe the brothers could put in a good word for her up there. Dean tells her that even if they did, it wouldn’t matter. Souls from Hell can’t go to Heaven.

Dean tells Sam there may be an Option B, then asks if they have any of those soul catchers. They can make Eileen her own, so she’s not trapped with many psycho ghosts. It’s better than where she’s going. Sam tells him the spell isn’t exactly easy. Dean says he’s like Rowena’s protégé. Sam mentions that even if he could, he would need a crystal. Sam gives in and says if it’s what Eileen wants, maybe they can go to Rowena’s place and look for a crystal or something. Dean’s not going. It’s a milk run. Sam brings up that ever since God returned, Dean’s been acting like there’s nothing they can do, like nothing matters. But they can do this. This matters.

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Cas is at the police station trying to get more information on the body that was found. While he’s waiting for the sheriff, a woman, Melly, starts talking to him, saying she thinks her son is missing, too. She let him camp out the previous night, and he was supposed to be back first thing that morning. She thinks now, with that other boy, she needs to find her son. She asks for his help, and Cas, “Agent Worley,” agrees.

Sam and Eileen get to Rowena’s apartment building. Once they’re inside her place, they find the witch on the floor. Two more witches are watching them. Sam notices a tattoo behind the witch’s ear, telling Eileen he recognizes it from the “Order Maleficarum.” Sam tells Eileen just to find what they’re looking for and get out of there.

Cas is talking to Sheriff Roy. Sheriff Roy says if this were New York, he’d be worried about Melly’s son missing. He tells Cas that if a teenager stays out too long, he’s probably with his buddies sobering up. Cas tells Sheriff Roy he’d like to take a look at the body that was found in the lake. He tells Cas it’s already on its way to Cheyenne, and Cas says that any casework he does have will be fine. Sheriff Roy asks Cas if he has a supervisor he can talk to to make it official. Dean hears one of the phones ringing, finds it’s the FBI one, and asks to talk to his agent when Sheriff Roy tells him who he has. Dean tells Cas that, whether he cares or not, God is back on the board, so he needs to watch himself and check his messages. Cas hangs up after Dean already did, and Sheriff Roy tells him he’ll get him the files.

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After looking through Rowena’s apartment, Sam and Eileen are stumped. They found just junk, unable to find Rowena’s real stash. Eileen walks through a bookcase and finds what they were looking for; spell books, recipes, Rowena’s journals, etc. A piece of paper falls out of one of the journals. Sam realizes it’s the spell Rowena was working on to make spirits flesh, to bring them back to life. Rowena never finished it, but Sam thinks he can. He tells Eileen they can bring her back.

After getting what they need, Sam puts everything into the trunk of the Impala. As soon as he closes the trunk, he starts coughing up blood and is barely able to stand. He’s looking for a hex bag. When he finds it, he sees two witches walking toward him. He tells Eileen to get Dean. The witch spells Eileen away, and she kneels in front of Sam.

Sam wakes up and is trapped by the two witches. One of them says they came for what Rowena left behind, and Sam comes along just when they thought they wouldn’t get it. One of the witches explains that the apartment’s hexed with potent magic. Anyone who steps inside dies, except, apparently, Sam. Sam realizes the body he and Eileen found was one of hers, and the witch says her name was Jacinda, her oldest. Now, she’s going to bring her back. Sam tries to make a deal with her: She needs him to get Rowena’s stuff, but he needs that spell. They can both use it. The witch tells him they can’t because a spell like this can only be used once. “Show Death a loophole, and she closes it.” She thinks Sam will help them anyway. Her daughter, Emily, borrowed some of Sam’s hair for some type of voodoo doll. The witch tells Sam he can either do as he’s told and die quick or play tough and die slowly.

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Cas gets to the lake, Melly following him. She begs Cas to let her help. She sees him holding a map with several X marks on it, and Cas tells her they’re where several people have gone missing in the area. Melly tells him her son, Caleb, knows it’s not safe to come out there, especially with the mine. She says there’s an old silver mine, but the EPA shut it down in the 70s due to toxic runoff. Cas asks her to show him where it is on the map. Melly says no, but she can take him.

Sam and Emily are walking back to Rowena’s apartment. Sam tries to make small talk, but Emily tells him no talking and pulls on the voodoo doll, hurting Sam. Emily tells him to make it quick, to just get the good stuff. She sees Jacinda on the ground, and Sam tells her he can look for something to cover her up. Sam asks Emily if they were close. Emily tells him she made her life hell. Emily tells Sam to start packing.

Cas and Melly are walking towards the mine, and Melly thanks him for doing this. Cas tells her he needed to step away. He says his colleagues and he kind of had a “falling out with management and each other,” which isn’t really too far from the truth. Cas tells Melly she has to prepare herself for something, telling her he thinks Shane Coogan, the kid whose body was found, was killed by a djinn. Cas tells her monsters are real, and he thinks this mine might be a lair. If it is, he does not want her to see what’s inside. They hear someone say, “Mom,” and turn around to find Caleb.

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Sam tells Emily that Jacinda doesn’t have to come back. She heard her mom. The spell only works once. She could give it to him. Emily says she’d kill her, and Sam tells her not if she ran. Sam says he’ll give her Rowena’s books, journals, whatever she wants. She could go somewhere else and start over. Emily calls him a liar and stabs the voodoo doll, hurting Sam even more.

Cas and Melly sit next to Caleb, who tells them he saw some guy dragging a dead body to the lake. He couldn’t see his face, so he grabbed his phone. It was a monster. He ran, but he fell, broke his phone, and messed up his ankle. He was hiding. He was so scared. Sheriff Roy reveals himself to be the djinn. He shoots at Cas, which doesn’t do anything. He shoots at Cas a few more times, and Cas punches him and takes his angel blade, and stabs him multiple times, killing Sheriff Roy.

Sam finishes packing up all of Rowena’s things that they need, but Dean comes in, holding a gun to the mom’s head. Emily twists the voodoo doll, severely hurting Sam. Emily tells him to let her mom go, or Sam dies. Jacinda’s spirit appears and pushes Dean away, knocking him into the wall. Sam knocks away the voodoo doll, but the witch uses magic to hurt him. Emily grabs the doll, twisting it some more. Eileen shows up and shoves Jacinda. “Not today, bitch.” Dean grabs the gun and shoots Emily. The witch uses her magic on Dean, but Sam pushes her, shoving a hex bag in her mouth while saying a spell. Meanwhile, Dean burns Jacinda’s body and saves Eileen.

After healing Caleb’s ankle, Cas says he needs to leave. It’s time for him to get back in the game.

Sam fills up a bathtub with water, putting Rowena’s ingredients in it. Eileen gets in, and Sam says a spell. Eileen gets out, puts on a towel, and Sam and Eileen touch, knowing it worked. Later, Dean asks Sam how Eileen is, and Sam tells him she’s asleep. She had a long day. Dean tells him he did, too; hex bags, new body, is he some kind of witch now? Sam says he got lucky. Dean tells Sam he did good while he did nothing. Sam tells him he killed some witches and saved his ass. Sam says he’s been thinking about something Dean said, about how they don’t make the rules, and he’s right. They don’t, and they never have. “But that doesn’t mean we can just give up.” Does Dean think Chuck wanted Sam to shoot him? Of course not. Dean asks him if he’s sure about that. Maybe that was part of the plan. He doesn’t know what’s God and what isn’t, and it’s driving him crazy. Sam says they’ll find a way to beat him. He doesn’t know how yet, but they will. “‘Cause we’re the guys who break the rules.” But Sam can’t do it without Dean. He needs his brother.

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Seeing Eileen again made me realize just how much I missed her, just as I’m sure everyone has. Shoshannah Stern’s return was as emotional and heartfelt as I imagined it would be. Seeing Cas handle a case all on his own and even giving the sheriff Dean’s number even though they weren’t talking made my heart happy. Also, Witch!Sam was very amazing, and I need more. Supernatural is off next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but rest assured, it will be back the following week, Thursday, December 5, at 8 p.m ET on The CW.

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