‘Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run’ Official Mobile Game Announced!

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The mobile game publishing studio and developer Denali Publishing has announced the release of a new mobile game. Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run is the official mobile game based on the upcoming animated spy comedy-adventure movie Spies in Disguise, from Blue Sky Studios. It is currently available for pre-order and will be released on December 25, 2019, the same day the movie hits theaters.

The President of Denali Publishing, Sabaa Rehmani, had this to say about the game,

 We’re thrilled to introduce mobile gamers around the world to the action and adventure of Blue Sky Studios’ Spies in Disguise. We’ve developed a dynamic, endless runner mobile experience for anyone that has ever dreamed of embarking on top-secret spy missions, and we can’t wait for players to experience it first-hand.

The thrilling game and its strikingly rendered environments are inspired by the film, providing excellent gaming capabilities for players. Going on top-secret missions, players collect characters, gear, and abilities, unlock futuristic gadgets and tricked out spy vehicles and more. The goal — to become the world’s best special agent. Players will even have the chance to compete for weekly rewards by allying with one of the super-secret spy agencies. Are you up to the task?

The game features voices from the Spies in Disguise movie, including Will Smith, DJ Khalid, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, and more. It will be like you are in the film with them. 

You can pre-order the game on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. You can visit the game’s website for more information and sign up to receive email notifications. Your mission begins soon. 

The movie that the game is based on is set in the mysterious, covert world of international espionage. Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are pretty much exact opposites. Lance is smooth, sophisticated, and charming, which Walter is not. The two must join forces and work together for the ultimate mission with the world in peril. To save the day, it involves a difficult and almost impossible disguise. Lance must become the brave, fierce, majestic…pigeon.

Spies in Disguise is directed by Troy Quane and Nick Bruno, produced by Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and Michael J. Travers, with Chris Wedge and Kori Adelson serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Brad Copeland and Lloyd Taylor with the screen story by Cindy Davis. It was inspired by the animated short Pigeon Impossible by Lucas Martell. The movie features the talented voices of Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled and Masi Oka. 

The mobile game releases alongside the movie Spies in Disguise, which premieres in theaters December 25, 2019. Watch the Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run mobile game trailer below!

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