‘9-1-1’ Recap: Celebrate Halloween in Season 3, Episode 6 “Monsters”

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Kenneth Choi, Aisha Hinds, Ryan Guzman and Peter Krause in '9-1-1.' Image courtesy of Fox.

In a city as weird and crazy as Los Angeles, things are bound to get insane for the spookiest season of the year. On the latest episode of 9-1-1, the 118 responds to a call that’s eerily similar to Hitchcock’s The Birds, Buck returns to the station, a lady is driving with a man through her windshield, and Maddie nearly loses her job.

Keep reading to find out all that happened on the Halloween episode of 9-1-1, appropriately titled “Monsters.”

A school bus pulls up to the Grand Scare Harvest Festival. A teacher, Ms. Beckerson, tells the children to enjoy the harvest festival but not wander off. The kids go off on their own, however. Two kids, Dean and Riley, steal the head off a scarecrow and are scaring their classmates with it, knocking off pumpkins and running into the corn maze. Ms. Beckerson watches them. Dean and Riley spot a crow on a scarecrow and throw rocks at it. As the kids load onto the bus, Ms. Beckerson realizes she’s missing two kids. She sees a bunch of crows flying around the maze, and Dean and Riley are trying to run away from them.

Soon after, the 118 pulls up to the festival. The crew walks up to the bus, and Ms. Beckerson tells them that two of her students were attacked by crows and they’re trapped in the barn. Chim mentions that he thinks he’s seen this movie, referencing The Birds. Bobby, Chim, Eddie, and Hen are walking steadily to the barn, trying to not provoke the crows any more than they already are. Crows surround the barn, haystacks, and roof.

When they finally get into the barn, Riley tells them that Dean’s cut up real bad. Chim and Hen check on Dean, who has a nasty cut on the back of his neck. Chim spots the crows starting to gather outside and says that they know they’re in there. Hen corrects him by saying that they know the kids are in there. She says that crows hold grudges and that they’ve been known to remember the faces of their tormentors years later and still attack. They decide to dress Riley up in firefighter gear and put Dean on the gurney with his face bandaged. A crow lands in front of them. Chim says it’s making eye contact but not attacking and tells everyone to go. They safely get away and take the kids to the hospital. Chim spots a crow on the ambulance, but it flies off before Hen can see it.

The next day, it’s Buck’s first day back, and let’s just say he doesn’t get the warm welcome he had hoped. No one is welcoming him. Everyone is doing their normal routines or playing ping pong. After changing into his uniform, Hen welcomes him back. Buck says she is the first person to say that to him. She tells him he has friends there, but they all feel like they have to follow Bobby’s lead. Buck tells Hen that he missed them. He thanks her for not feeling like she needs to follow Bobby’s lead. Hen tells him she’s always marched to the beat of her own drum, and he should, too. Buck tries to talk to Eddie, but he gives him the cold shoulder. Chim welcomes Buck back, though. Just as Bobby starts to brief the team, the alarm goes off. Bobby tells Buck he’s staying behind. Buck watches as the team goes off.

Maddie drops Tara off at her house since her car didn’t start. Maddie asks to use the bathroom so that she can sneak around the house. While Tara is on the phone with Vincent, Maddie looks around to try to find anything to prove that Vincent is being abusive towards Tara. Tara catches her, saying she walked right past the bathroom. Maddie plays it off, saying she just wanted to see the fantastic view. Tara offers Maddie a drink, and Maddie talks about her ex, saying she wishes she had a life outside their home. She had friends and family that cared for her. She says she tried to be the perfect wife and realized she deserved better. Leaving was always scary, but she’s proof there’s always a way out.

At night, a woman is driving and talking on the phone. She almost runs over a bicyclist, and a guy flies through the windshield when she manages to stop. She gets a cut on her head and drives off with the guy in the windshield. She pulls into her garage and gets out. The guy in the windshield is barely alive but breathing.

Maddie and Chim have just seen a movie. They run into Tara and Vincent. After talking to them, Chim wonders why Maddie didn’t tell him she had a trainer and that she told her she was a nurse. Maddie tells him she called 911 five times, and that’s a pattern of abuse. Chim brings up Doug, saying Maddie is exactly like him; pretending to be someone else, hanging out with them under false pretenses.

For Halloween, Bobby has Buck hand out treats to kids and smoke detectors to parents. Chim tells him being stuck at the station isn’t the end of the world. For the first few months when he started, he never left the house. He tells Buck to deal with it. When Buck leaves to find pamphlets, Chim sees a crow at the top of the ambulance. He asks if anyone else is seeing it. When Eddie asks what, Chim turns around, and the crow is gone.

Back with the woman, she has a massive bump on her forehead. She gets into her car and drives off with the guy still through the windshield. A family of four is eating outside at a taco place, commenting on cars with Halloween decorations. They see the car with the guy in the windshield, and after seeing the body move, the dad calls 911, telling Maddie he thinks there’s a body sticking out of somebody’s car windshield. Maddie asks if they’re sure it wasn’t a Halloween decoration. He says that’s what they thought at first, but it started moving. The mom takes the phone and gives her a brief description of the car. Maddie alerts the police, who ask if it’s a real thing. Maddie tells them to find the car and let her know.

At the station, a Halloween party is in full swing. Buck isn’t having the most fun handing out candy. When the team returns to the station, Buck asks Eddie if he can help. Eddie, still mad at Buck over the lawsuit, tells him he’s got it a hundred percent, and the lawsuit proved that.

A guy is handing out candy to a bunch of trick-or-treaters when he gets a little girl who is bleeding and unwell. She passes out on his front porch.

Before Maddie leaves for the night, Josh tells her that Sue was looking for her. She was in the conference room talking to someone. When Maddie walks in, she’s greeted by Tara, who is there to file a complaint against the 911 dispatcher stalking her. She says she had her suspicions, which were proven true when Maddie asked to use the bathroom and when Chim didn’t have the best poker face. Maddie tells her she was going to tell her. She just wanted to find a way to make her understand. She is her friend, or at least, she wanted to be. Maddie tells Tara that she’s been her, in an abusive marriage, looking for help. Tara tells Maddie she is not one of those women. Maddie tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of, and Tara tells her there is nothing to tell and to stay away from her and her husband. Sue tells her they need to talk.

At the hospital, Athena is talking to a nurse about the little girl. The nurse tells her someone badly mistreated her, and she’s severely malnourished. She’s not talking about missing a few meals; it’s systemic. They can’t know for sure of the extent she’s been through until she’s conscious. Athena asks about her injuries; significant bruising on both wrists and ankles, slivers of glass in the cuts of her arms. She was most likely shackled.

In the neighborhood where the girl passed out, Athena is talking to a group of police officers, telling them to fan out, do a grid search, knock on every door, and talk to every person they see on the street. Athena gets the idea to look for a house that isn’t too much in the Halloween spirit. After some driving, she comes across a completely bare house. She knocks on the door, but no one answers. She opens the gate to the backyard and walks into the house through the back door. The house is dark, and there’s junk everywhere. She hears someone coughing and heads down to the basement. She finds several kids chained up, all looking just like the other girl; malnourished, mistreated.

Outside, Chim tells Athena and Bobby that the kids are in various stages of dehydration, malnutrition, and any number of infections. Eddie says there’s no gas and no running water. All that was found were canned food, bibles, and textbooks from the 50s. Hen got one of the kids to talk. They weren’t abducted. They live there. They’re siblings. Their parents did that to them. Just then, the parents pull up to the driveway, and the dad wants to know what they’re doing to their kids. The mom wants to know if they found Bethany, their daughter. They’ve been looking for hours. Athena tells them their daughter is safely in the hospital, where the other kids will be while the parents go to jail.

When Buck is packing up decorations, Eddie walks by, not even looking at him. Buck says he just wants him to talk to him. Eddie asks when he decided to sue the department, did he ever think about them? Buck said he just needed his job back. He missed being part of the team. He never meant for anyone to get hurt. Buck says he didn’t think about what could happen. He was mad at them for moving on without him and that he couldn’t do anything about it. He said he was sorry and will do whatever it takes to get Eddie to forgive him. Eddie does forgive him. Bobby tells Buck to go home. He doesn’t want to overtax him on his first week back.

Buck stops at a gas station and notices the woman with the guy in her car windshield. At first, he thinks it’s a decoration but notices the body moving. He gets into his car and chases after her.

Buck calls 911 and tells them the details. The dispatcher tells Buck they got a call about that yesterday. Astonished, he asks for clarification that it’s real. Buck says it’s definitely real, and the guy is definitely alive. Buck stops in front of the woman and asks her if she hurt herself while looking at her bump. He checks on the guy in the windshield, telling him help is on the way. A paramedic asks Buck if he wants to be checked out, and Buck realizes he has a bloody arm and tells the guy he’s on blood thinners.

Maddie visits the station and Chim tells her he should’ve apologized. He was a little harsh. Maddie tells him what happened with Tara and her job. Chim says she’s still healing and that she’s someone who cares. Maddie thought she could save her. Maddie tells Chim she might be a little crazy, and Chim tells her that ever since the call at the pumpkin patch, he’s been seeing crows. Maddie points out the crow on the ambulance, and Chim is surprised she sees it too. The crow drops Chim’s name tag.

At the ER, Bobby finds Buck, who was brought in to get checked after getting his wounds sealed up. Bobby asks Buck what happened. Buck tells him about the woman, and her brain bleed. He says the guy in the windshield is in surgery, and doctors say he’s got a fair chance. Bobby says it’s because he jumped in and saved him. Buck tells him it’s like his uniform is his costume. Without it, he feels like he’s not much of anything. Bobby says he saved two lives without the costume. It doesn’t matter if he’s not ready. If Buck’s ready, he’s ready.

As far as crazy and insane goes for this show, this Halloween episode wasn’t as crazy as some of the other episodes, but it’s definitely high up on the list. It’s nice that Buck is part of the team again. I’m not sure what was crazier, though: The crows, the guy in the windshield, or the kids chained up in their own basement being mistreated by their own parents. Another 9-1-1 Halloween is in the books.

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