Celebrating One Year of ‘The Wayward Podcast’: Fans Talk Favorite Episode and What the Podcast Means to Them

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Courtesy of Co-Director,
Courtesy of Co-Director,Lindsey.

It’s officially been one year since “The Wayward Podcast” launched with hosts Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster. The duo, who have embodied the term Wayward and have inspired thousands across the Supernatural fandom, started a podcast to talk about many different topics and what they’ve learned throughout their lives.

Nerds and Beyond, in partner with our friend Tasha, asked fans of the podcast what their favorite episode was, their favorite quote, as well as why they loved it, to celebrate the anniversary.

Read the answers below and make sure to listen to The Wayward Podcast, which is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, and more.

Favorite Episode

Wayward Calling

Lisa W (@Lisalu779): “It’s something I have been grappling with lately and it was nice to hear the ladies’ point of view.”

Wayward Girly

Bex (@asinglemantear): “I loved the most recent, “Wayward Girly”, but also the Charlie and Rachel episodes, and Boundaries, and Friendships… but maybe “Wayward Home”, because it hit close to home.”

Wayward Boundaries

Lisa M. (@LisaMangum): “I listened to it at a time when I really needed the reassurance that it was okay to set healthy boundaries, and the conversation Kim and Briana had about it gave me some great ideas of how to implement better boundaries in my own life.”

Wayward Self Talk

Ry (@Casnovvak): “It dropped exactly when I needed it, when I was starting to identify & recognize the negative ways I tend to address myself in my head and the fact that there are much healthier ways to push myself to be better without putting down who I am today.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “”Wayward Self Talk.” I have a lot of pressure and stress from outside forces and it’s always nice to have a reminder that, as out of control as I feel sometimes, I’m not out of control at all. I can sit and speak to myself and remind myself that I am actually enough.”

Wayward Happiness

Katharina (@kathiii_music99): “My favorite episode is probably “Wayward Happiness: with special guest Rachel Miner” because that episode filled me with incredible gratitude for these women and I just love listening to three of my favorite people talk about something that everyone aims for in life.”

Wayward Periods

Liz G. (@stormchasingliz): “I think my favorite is “Wayward Periods” because I just related and laughed so much…poor Kim.”

Wayward Trying

Margaret (@MargNation): “I love them all, but “Wayward Trying” hit me right in the feels. It’s just example #9000 of how real and honest Kim and Briana are with us.”

Gwayne (@twindian2): “it’s so hard to choose because I have too many favorites but if I absolutely had to choose it would be “Wayward Trying” because of how close it hits home. I’ve been exhausted lately – mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, just tired. Battling depression/anxiety daily doesn’t help. Just knowing that I’ll be ok and I’m trying my best despite the exhaustion means I’ve still got some fight in me and that gives me hope that things will turn around.”

Chelsea (@Chelseat05): “”Wayward Trying”. I admire the incredible friendship Kim and Briana have and how they complement each other. Kim broke down in the middle of the podcast, and Briana just listened to her and allowed her to get all of the frustration out. Then she calmly redirected the frustration with positive and supportive conversation. It was like magic. What a true friendship. They know how to pick each other up.”

Wayward Pilot

Amy (@8amyc8): “”Wayward Pilot” because it’s the first episode and it talks about why they chose to make the podcast and about wayward sisters and how they felt about it not getting picked up for a series.”

Wayward Home

Kathy W.: “”Wayward Home”. It really made me think about my own situation and evaluate what home meant to me.”

Wayward Roadtrips

Emily (@emmylbrown): “”Wayward Roadtrips (1 & 2)” because I felt like I was in the car hanging out with friends as we talked about the randomness that is life. You have your quiet moments but then also the part where you talk for hours and feel like no time has passed.”

Wayward Feminism

Mie (@MishaleckiLife): “”Wayward Feminism”, because it it such an important topic talked about in a positive and inclusive way.”

Courtesy of Co-Director,Lindsey.

Favorite Quote

Lisa W (@Lisalu779): “Murder pillow!”

Lisa M. (@LisaMangum): “I actually have the capacity to take a deep breath and look at something beautiful. Find something beautiful.”- Kim Rhodes. I love this because it is so simple and so true, and yet sometimes so easy to forget. There are beautiful things all around us, and stopping to breathe and acknowledge that beauty is something I’d like to do more of in my life.”

Ry (@Casnovvak): “Love is the light. Love is always just love…I can’t shape the light any differently than ‘me’ is going to make it…There are parts that are going to be shadow because that’s how you’re cut. So my job is to, instead of standing in the shadow and saying ‘you don’t love me’, is to say ‘what’s your shape? Here’s where the light is. Here’s where I choose to stand and receive it’.”

Katharina (@kathiii_music99): “It is important and it is not a weakness to check in with yourself and to say ‘it’s time to take a break.'” – Briana

Liz G. (@stormchasingliz): “I am safe. You are heard. I don’t need you right now.” – Briana

Margaret (@MargNation): The front page of their podcast sums it all up. It’s a reminder of where we came from and that, even though we didn’t get the spinoff, we’re still here, together: “We may have wandered off the path, but we are in the right place. We choose to celebrate it. Let’s be messy. Let’s be human. Let’s be Wayward AF.”

Sarah (@is_ace): “I have boobs that keep moving after I stop moving.” – Kim… Because, same.

Kristi (@quirkykristi): “We are scientists!” Because that’s how I feel when I actually have an answer.

Amy (@8amyc8): “It’s been 2 minutes and already we have vagina talk.”

Chazlyn (@GhoulPuppy): “I love you Kim Rhodes. I love you Briana Buckmaster.”

Cait (@HILLYWOODSQUAD): “You guys, when you have an awful day, you look in the mirror, and you judge yourself. You’re worried about how everybody’s thinking about you. You never feel like you’re quite enough for this world.. Just imagine Beyoncé having a poop.”

Nadia (@Mishalready1): In the Dreams podcast when Kim said, “I’m weird,” I felt that. (Or Tabby saying “This is the Wayward Podcast!”)

Emily (@emmylbrown): “Murder pillow!!”

Gwayne (@twindian2): “We’re all trying to overcome these things in ourselves, and so I think that’s also part of empathizing, is when someone is angry and assertive about wanting you to be more inclusive, or say something differently, or whatever, that’s because they’re having to overcome their own self hatred, or their own fear, or whatever it is, and so it takes a lot of energy and strength to just, to arrive, to show up, to ask these questions, to broach these subjects, so please remember that.” As a POC, an immigrant and someone who belongs to the LGBTQIAP+ community I just want to belong in this world and have people accept me for who I am despite not being able to relate to me.

Chelsea (@Chelseat05): “Learn to separate yourself from the outcome”. I have never really heard someone say this about relationships with others. I can get too involved in helping others, to the point that I get upset If the outcome is not favorable. I keep this quote in mind everyday. It helps me keep the balance between the things I can control and the things I can’t. The things I can’t control, I have to acknowledge and let go.

Mary (@pare6386): “Is this a chemical cleaner or is it a Twizzler?”

Courtesy of Co-Director,Lindsey.

Why Do You Love “The Wayward Podcast”

Lisa W (@Lisalu779): “It’s like I’m just hanging out with some friends having a chat.”

Bex (@asinglemantear): “It feels like a conversation with friends. Sometimes the topics are just what I need in the moment.”

Lisa M. (@LisaMangum): “I love how Kim and Briana listen to each other. Even when they don’t agree, they are kind and respectful to each other. I especially love those moments when one or the other of them says something that sparks an epiphany.

Even though I am just listening in my car, I feel like I’ve been invited to participate in a conversation with smart and strong women who love talking to each other. Their real and honest conversations about all kinds of topics make me think about my own viewpoint, and I find myself thinking about the episodes long after the podcast has ended.”

Ry (@Casnovvak): I love it on two different levels — As a part of the SPN family, I love it because it keeps us connected to Kim & Briana on a whole new [level], and their confidence and strength and vulnerability are all things that inspire me. It gives their voice to those who can’t go to cons and those who won’t be able to go again for a while, and opens up the fans’ view into their world and their minds. Even aside from SPN and already knowing and respecting them, though, it means a lot because just hearing about women’s thoughts, fears, strengths, and experiences in such a raw and unfiltered, unedited way can be such an important experience and makes me (and others) feel seen. I’ve integrated it into my routines, too, because I take a walk at sunrise before work every morning, and the morning after a new episode drops I’ll leave earlier and sit on a bench by the riverside as the sun comes up and just open my mind to it and listen, and it helps me prepare mentally for the day.”

Katharina (@kathiii_music99): “I love The Wayward Podcast because it gives me something to look forward to every week. I love the podcast because after Wayward Sisters didn’t get picked up, Kim and Bri took matters into their own hands and took Wayward back. It’s theirs – it’s OURS again (I think they both said similar things like this before) and I just love that they talk about topics that not a lot of other people talk about and bring awareness to them. I just adore them so much and having this half an hour every week is such a good start to the week and I’m incredibly grateful for them.”

Liz G. (@stormchasingliz): “Two of my favorite women on this planet talking about life things that always leaves me feeling refreshed and present in each and every moment.”

Margaret (@MargNation): “Kim and Bri are honest, forthcoming, in-the-moment, and they remind us how we’re more alike than we are different. We are them, and they are absolutely us.”

Sarah (@is_ace): “It’s like someone has taken an extract from my group chat with my best friends and read it out loud. Funny, moving, sincere and insightful.”

Kristi (@quirkykristi): “It’s like having coffee with friends (in a closet), it’s a safe place to talk about real life problems or whatever awesome craziness happens to pop into your head.”

Amy (@8amyc8): “I love it because it’s has a broad spectrum of topics and I love to hear Kim and Bri’s insights and opinions on things.”

Chazlyn (@GhoulPuppy): “Two genuine friends just sharing their thoughts with the world, while trying to make it a kinder, more thoughtful place.”

Cait (@HILLYWOODSQUAD): “Listening to the Wayward Podcast feels like catching up with a couple of good friends. I can close my eyes and picture myself sitting the closet between them, laughing along with their jokes and listening to their life stories. The podcast has taught me things that I didn’t know about myself, gave me different outlooks on things about life and helped me feel closer to Kim and Briana. It’s been a source of comfort to me, it’s been there for me whenever I’ve felt alone. I’m so grateful for its existence. Also, scouts animations have been a blessing to us all.”

Amanda (@Amandaraee_x3 ): “I love the Wayward Podcast because it is real and raw. They have specifically put the idea of boundaries into my head. Something I’ve always struggled with and it has helped!”

Nadia (@Mishalready1): “Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster talking about topics they’re into while making the listeners feel included.”

Emily (@emmylbrown): “I feel like every week when I listen, I cry. It is a range of happy tears, sad tears, relief tears, and more. The words that these two ladies say, always impact me and I carry those words, their inspirations with me wherever I go. The Podcast is not just a thing I listen to, it’s shaping me to become the best version of myself.”

Gwayne (@twindian2): “I love this podcast because of the two women heading it, the topics they cover ranging from work to adulting to food to life is funny, heartwarming and sometimes heart breaking. Each episode is incredibly important and insightful. Each episode is filled with the overall message that you won’t always have the answer but nobody does. They continue to spread love, light, optimism and wisdom. They let us know that we’ll be ok because we’re not alone and to surround ourselves with people who uplift and encourage us. It’s like (temporary) therapy for me.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “What isn’t to love? Kim has changed my life, and the community she and Bri have built/ inspired/ “parented” is a thing of beauty. Having their voices in my pocket to listen to whenever I need them is such a continuous balm.”

Chelsea (@Chelseat05): “I first just wanted to learn more about Kim and Briana, their opinions, perspectives, and past experiences. But it has now evolved to the point where I get weekly advice and lessons that I can apply to my own life. I love hearing their stories, I love how open and honest they are. They care about the people listening to this podcast and in turn I care about them. I want to continue on this journey with them.”

Mie (@MishaleckiLife): “This podcast was a response to a community and a wish to connect with this thing that we’ve collectively decided is “Wayward”. Kim and Bri have become our collective voices and yet they bring their own unique voice to the podcast with an amazing ability to share openly and with respect to the voice of whoever is listening. Because of and through them and the podcast we’re able to share with each other.”

Kacey (@kaceyblink): “I love the Wayward Podcast because I need to hear that I am my reactions and feelings are “normal” that other people act and do the same things I do in my “real” life. Both Kim and Brianna may be famous but they are real as well and say what they mean.”

Mary (@pare6386): “I love how real it is. It’s a personal insight to Kim and Bri, their lives, their friendship, and ideas. It is relatable and it gives me perspective and insight into my problems and life.”

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