Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Cutter Bill’ Trailer Released

MOVIES'Cutter Bill' Trailer Released
Image courtesy of ‘Cutter Bill’

The upcoming movie Cutter Bill starring Thom Hallum, Dustin Rhodes and Katy Harris has released an official trailer!

According to their IMDb page, Jessup Cross (Hallum) and Mitchell White (Rhodes) are two thieves looking to steal a significant amount of drug money from a now deceased member of a group calling themselves the Cowboy Mafia. In the trailer, we see they, at least attempt, to go about that by targeting the former member’s granddaughter, Lilly Waltman (Harris).

Thom Hallum is best known for his role as Tommy in 90 Feet From Home (also produced by B22 Films), while Dustin Rhodes is best known for wrestling under the same name at AEW with the nickname “The Natural”, and as former WWE superstar Goldust. Katy Harris is best known for her role as Fran in True Detective.

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Cutter Bill will be available everywhere soon, but for now you can check out the trailer below!

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