Friday, March 24, 2023

Poster for ‘The Fiddling Horse’ with David Haydn-Jones Released

MOVIESPoster for 'The Fiddling Horse' with David Haydn-Jones Released

The poster for The Fiddling Horse starring David Haydn-Jones has been revealed! The poster was designed & colored by Director CJ Wallis, with line art by Habibeaux.

The poster is available on the FORTYFPS store, in 11″ x 17″ or full theatrical 24″ x 36″.

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The film is from award-winning filmmaker CJ Wallis and is “a dark comedy about thoroughbred horse racing and the high stakes of high society.”

Here’s more about the film from the press release:

The film follows Leslie Heart, played by Paula Lindberg, a woman who inherits a racehorse, and in an attempt to elevate her failing status within her high society circle teams up with an ex-celebrity jockey, played by comedian Andy Kindler, to secretly execute a long-con to cash in on the monetary and social winnings at the racetrack.

Kindler will star as Barry Bitterman, a former ex-celebrity jockey turned horse-trainer.

J. Elvis Weinstein will play the role of Philip Ainsworth, a timeshare salesman and Leslie’s boyfriend. Alley Mills plays Ethel Truman, the villainous matriarch of the high society ladies circle alongside Heather Matarazzo in the role of Ethel’s granddaughter, Rosalina. Esther Ku will play the role of ‘Pinkie,’ a mysterious businesswoman who trails Bitterman. Grammy award winning artist, Fiend will play the role of Richard Jones, Philip’s best friend and fellow timeshare salesman. Additionally, “Gamer of the Century’ Billy Mitchell will cameo as rival horse trainer Colt Reynolds.

Haydn-Jones is set to play Zachary Rothschild.

The Fiddling Horse is presented by Margrette Bird Pictures and produced by FortyFPS Productions and MK Ultra Productions.

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The Fiddling Horse is having a west coast premiere on October 26 at the Golden Gate International Film Festival.


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