Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski to Star in ‘Imaginary Friends’

MOVIESRyan Reynolds and John Krasinski to Star in 'Imaginary Friends'
Courtesy of IMDb

If you take household known jokesters Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski, and throw them into a fantastical comedy, you’ll eventually come out with the currently negotiated film Imaginary Friends.

The narrative follows a man who has collected discarded imaginary friends, and is able to see and interact with those who once belonged to others. The trick is that having been abandoned, some of these imaginary friends aren’t so wholesome, and instead have fallen on the wrong side of the tracks. Enter Reynolds’ character, who has been tasked with saving the world from those who have turned troublesome.

Courtesy of NBC

After a tense bidding war, Paramount won the rights to the production. However, they are still in talks. If greenlit, the screenplay will be written, directed, and produced by Krasinski.

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