Monday, October 25, 2021

“Nice To Meet Ya” Solidifies Niall Horan as a Superstar on his Own Terms

Courtesy of Niall Horan / Capitol Records

Niall Horan just released his highly-anticipated first single titled “Nice To Meet Ya” from his currently untitled second album. Alongside the song, a brand new music video was dropped which features Horan going back through his day, complete with scenes where he’s walking, changing his clothes, and at a bar.

We have been looking forward to this since we loved Horan’s first album, Flicker, and we recently wrote an article about how he’s one of the most underrated musicians of this decade.

Now, he’s back with a tune that not only is catchy, but one that we know is going to be played on radio stations, and top the charts everywhere. The melody is upbeat and you find yourself singing along to the chorus. It’s a perfect next step in an already phenomenal career, and this only makes us more excited to hear more.

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The song does have a hint of heartbreak, with lyrics such as, “I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink I swear, cause when the morning comes, I know you won’t be there,” however, the melody does a good job of disguising it. The lyrics give way to Niall’s vulnerability, as he explains to The Telegraph that most of these songs came from a gloomy place.

As we learned from Flicker, Horan’s a clever writer and it definitely shows here. The opening piano sets the tone as more instruments are introduced, with a killer guitar coming in after the first verse. The little nuances he adds like “I’ve got love for you” in the background of the chorus is genius. It’s the things like this that show how much he’s grown as an artist.

Horan’s a breath of fresh air in a music industry currently full of Pop and EDM music – he comes in with a swagger all his own featuring Americana, folk and rock tunes that make you want to roll the windows down, turn the music up in your car and sing along. After the release of “Nice To Meet Ya”, one thing’s for sure: Horan is solidifying himself as a true superstar on his own terms.

Watch the video below.

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