Celebrating the British Men of Letters’ Birthdays! Happy Birthday, Adam Fergus and David Haydn-Jones!

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Image courtesy of 'Supernatural'
Image courtesy of ‘Supernatural’

Adam Fergus and David Haydn-Jones first appeared in season 12 of Supernatural when we were introduced to the British Men of Letters. Fergus only appeared in six episodes of Supernatural, and Haydn-Jones has appeared in 17 episodes. Both have been a great addition to the SPN Family, especially when they are on stage together at conventions.

We wanted to take a moment to wish them a happy birthday from some of our staff!


Adam – Lordy lordy, look who’s 40! When you first meet Adam his Irish accent is definitely something that draws you in. I love his humor, especially when he’s on stage with David Haydn-Jones and they are going back and forth like a tennis game. It would be amazing in season 15 of Supernatural if they bring Adam back so that Mick Davies can finally have his revenge against Ketch. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, Adam!

David – David is a man of many accents (many are shocked he’s not British when they meet him), and just like Adam’s it is definitely something that draws you in. I’ve had more personal interactions with David. I admire David for his continued fundraising and support for Alzheimer’s research. David is a great supporter of the fandom artists and changes his twitter profile each week to spotlight a different one. <3 you, David! Have a happy birthday!


Adam – I have had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Adam, and I can confirm he is truly a standup guy. He was so kind, and it made the experience incredibly fantastic. The accent definitely doesn’t hurt, either! Likewise, his character Mick on Supernatural was one I really grew to like, and would love to see return in some capacity. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Happy birthday, Adam!

David – I will be honest, Ketch did not get much love from me at first. But David is the complete opposite. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He also has such an incredible sense of humor and makes sure to make every interaction the best. On top of all of that, his charity campaigns for Alzheimer’s is one that’s very dear and personal for me. In the end, I became a fan of Ketch (he definitely has redeemed himself!) because of how amazing David is. Happy birthday, David! I less than three you!


Adam – Happy Birthday Adam! You’re one of a kind and always such a pleasure to be around. You’re super talented and I’m so excited to see whatever projects you do!

David – You have quickly become one of my favorite actors. Whether it be as Ketch, or one of your other great characters you are always so great to watch. The amount of work you’ve done for Alzheimer’s is amazing! I less than three you! Happy Birthday!


Adam – Mick had become one of my favorite characters on Supernatural, and even though the character had been taken from us too soon, it at least gave us Adam on the convention circuit. He’s a truly kind and funny guy who fits right in at conventions and his stage banter with David is always fun to watch. Happy birthday, Adam!

David – While the character of Ketch is definitely unlikable, David himself is quite the opposite. David is a joy to be around and I love his appreciation of fans and how he always s supports fandom artists. He’s also a master at accents (and had myself and probably much of the fandom convinced that he was British.) Happy birthday, David!

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