First Wave of MomoCon 2020 Guests Announced

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If you’ve never attended MomoCon before, we’re willing to bet you have no idea the sheer amount of content this convention serves up in Atlanta each May. Named after the Japanese word for “peach,” MomoCon is a product of the peach state and makes its home at the Georgia World Congress Center. In 2020, it’s home will be Hall B on Thursday, May 21 through Sunday, May 24.

So, why are we talking about a con that’s still nine months away? Honestly, because it has simply grown too big to wait.

MomoCon started back in 2005 when Bush was president, Doctor Who had just been revived, and YouTube was founded. Fast forward to 2019 — MomoCon has been to three different venues, had a turnstile attendance of 120,000 visitors, and expanded into a four day event. Even now, it’s commonly referred to as one of the fastest-growing cons in the country (even with DragonCon to compete with). You can understand our excitement for 2020.

Half the fun of a con is who it brings to town, and MomoCon already has some big names set to attend next year. Below you can find the guests already announced.

1 & 2. Jason Marsden and Bill Farmer

Though these voice actors need no introduction, we think it’s worth mentioning that beyond Bill Farmer’s voice work on more than 3,000 Disney projects, he has also voiced a number of cartoon favorites, including Space Jam and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and even tried his hands at a few video games like Destroy All Humans and Kingdom Hearts.

Jason Marsden is a 90’s favorite, who had roles in classic shows like Boy Meets World and Full House. His more recent work includes Impulse and Kid Flash (Young Justice), characters Marsden returns to yet again this year with the show’s long-awaited Season three. If you’re a gamer, you may have recognized his voice in Fallout: New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

3. Christopher Wehkamp

Even if you haven’t heard of Christopher Wehkamp, you’ve probably heard his voice. He’s worked at studios like FUNimation Entertainment, Big Fish Games, and Sentai Filmworks, where he’s voiced iconic roles like Eraserhead (My Hero Academia), Majora (Dragon Ball Super), and Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney).

4. Alejandro Saab

Known around the web as @KaggyFilms, Alejandro Saab is a YouTube influencer and voice actor. He’s worked at popular names like FUNimation Entertainment and RoosterTeeth, lending his voice to roles like Shallot (Dragon Ball Legends) and Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi (My Hero Academia).

5. Hayden Daviau

Hayden Daviau (AKA @HaybaleVoice) has a history in performance arts, but a love of animation led her to voice acting. She’s best known for roles like Priestess (Goblin Slayer), Young Vanessa (Black Clover), and Koenji (The Helpful Fox Senko-San).

6. Giancarlo Volpe

Giancarlo Volpe has more than 20 years of experience behind him in the animation industry. He’s had roles like storyboard artist, director, producer, and writer. Most notably, he’s directed favorites like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. He’s also been a producer on Green Lantern: The Animated Series and, most recently, The Dragon Prince.

7. Matt Mannheimer

Matt Mannheimer is MomoCon’s first guest outside of the animated television industry, and for good reason. He’s a repeat con attendee and a local Atlanta public relations pro, with experience working on video games, books, fan-made projects, and much more. You may know his latest crowd-funded work, The Legend’s Cookbook, full of video game inspired recipes. The only other thing you should know about Mannheimer is — and we can’t stress this enough — that his approved bio reads “turned his memes into dreams.”

8. DAGames

Courtesy of DA Games and MomoCon

Another guest returning to MomoCon is DAGames, an online broadcaster with one million subscribers and a known influencer in the Nerdcore music industry. You may have seen one of DAGames’ gameplay videos or fan projects for franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Hello Neighbor, and Cuphead.

To learn more about MomoCon’s guest line-up, visit their website. You can also follow MomoCon on Twitter for the latest guest and con updates.

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