‘The Masked Singer: Super Sneak Peek’ Reveals The First Clues for Season Two’s Masked Singers!

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Courtesy of "The Masked Singer"
Courtesy of “The Masked Singer”

Are you a fan of using clues to solve mysteries? Are you also a fan of reality TV shows and singing celebrities? Then you might enjoy The Masked Singer! The second season of The Masked Singer premieres on September 25, as previously reported by Nerds and Beyond here. Each week a group of the masked celebrities will sing, and their video intros will include visual and verbal clues to help viewers guess the singer’s identity. Then, based on in-studio audience voting, the weakest performer will be un-masked.

Last season held many surprises! You can read a review of season one of The Masked Singer by the Nerds and Beyond staff here.

On September 15, a special Super Sneak Peak gave fans the first look at the new contestants and some clues to their identities.

This season’s new masks include:

Skeleton: Made of bones and bling. The number 4261 is on a tombstone during the intro video when he says, “I’m going to sing my heart out…if I had one.” The skeleton also specifically requested a custom made bone-mic.  The outfit is one of the most expensive of the season!

Fox: Foxes are clever, strategic, and they’ll eat almost anything. The fox says this superhero is ready to devour the competition. The outfit is steampunk inspired and has a glowing eye. The outfit took the longest to make.

Ice Cream: Here to lick the competition and ice cream float to the finale. During the intro, a calendar is shown with Thursday, February 14 double hearted, as he says he’s “made of sugar and dairy and live for half of February.” The outfit is one of the heaviest of the season.

Eagle: Talon-ted and sporting their signature rock star outfit. Some specific parts of the Eagle’s costume include the sun medallion and red bandana! “If you know an eagle’s body temperature you may be hot on my trail!” Note: according to Google, an eagle’s average body temperature is 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tree: Coming from “their own tinsel town,” the tree’s costume uses hula hoops and is inspired from 1950’s vintage pin-up queens. “Are you pine-ing to know who I am?”

During the intro, it was noted that if the contestant’s bring friends or family on set, they also have to be masked so they aren’t recognized!

Flamingo: Is “taking a vacation from the tropical life, pretty in pink with a leg up on the competition.” The flamingo says they love their mask as much as they love mascara. They may never put their foot down, but they say they are one fiery and fierce bird. “It’s time to party like a flock star.” Some of the flamingo’s feathers are over three feet long! The flamingo says we’ll be tickled pink when they are unmasked. Sneak “beak” performance included the Flamingo singing “Lady Marmalade.”

Butterfly: Stepping out from its cocoon, the Butterfly is “flying high and ready to shake up the competition.” “Are you ready to feel the butterfly effect?” The Butterfly prays they don’t fall over because of how long their antennae and wings are.

Penguin: A bird who’s flightless, but fearless. “I might be cold as ice, but I’m bringing the heat!” The Penguin mentions they are ready for the finale night, because they have their tux. They just need to get their hair done. Photos of the Penguin flash across the screen with many different variations and colorful hairstyles as the Penguin laughs “he he he he.” The Penguin’s skull is hand-crafted of chrome silver, and is one of the most difficult masks to see through. The Penguin says that every time someone thinks they are getting warmer with their guessing, they are actually getting colder.

Leopard: Pouncing out from the jungle with piercing green eyes and ready for the “spot” light. The Leopard’s costume is Baroque era inspired.  The Elizabethan styled contoured waist was chosen to hide the natural silhouette of the masked celebrity. The Leopard says the security from the show reminds them of the secret service, and hints they have been spotted with the President.

Egg: Straight out of the carton and always looking at the sunny-side up in life. The Egg says they are ready to win, as long as they don’t fall off the stage like Humpty Dumpty, and is bringing it to the competition with all the egg puns. The outfit was designed to look like a beautiful Faberge egg. The Egg’s mom has always told them “Life has an expiration date, so always work hard for the first and last vowels of the alphabet.” The Egg says they can’t say if they are a pro-singer, but they can say they are “pro-tein.”

Rottweiler: Rocking a furry six pack dressed to the “canines” and ready to be unleashed. Rottweiler says he’s ready to be best in show, and his bark is just as big as his bite.  He’s a perfectionist ready to work his tail off for our puppy love. Rottweiler has a signature hip-hop look. “Roses are blue, violets are red, but do you have a clue who is behind this doggy head?”

Flower: Rising from a garden bed to get here. Flower says they blossom in every field they plant themself in, and is here to branch out again. The Flower is shown against a backdrop with flower petals, and it looks like “314” is laid out in the petals like one of those mind trick photos. While this backdrop is shown, Flower says, “I’m going to put my petals to the metal, and make the other singers wilt.” The Flower is the first mask in the history of the show to have human facial features in it.

Thingamajig: It measures seven feet from its claws to the top of its spikey hair, dressed in plaid, with a different color on each leg. Thingamajig says he will tower over the other celebrities with his puzzling persona. He mentions not calling him Chewbacca, but they do celebrate together. The design team has dozens of hairspray cans designated to maintaining Thingamajig’s fur. Thingamajig’s sneak peak performance showed off his soulful sounding voice while singing “Rainbow.” The sneak peek shows his performance bringing tears to eyes in the crowd.

Panda: All the way from China with big ears popping out of the beanie. “It’s not fast, but it’s furriest” Panda is ready to create pandemonium on the stage. Panda loves new challenges and pushing herself to the limit. “If you think you know who I am, trust me, I will have you bamboozled”

Black Widow: Covered in red, white, and black coming from up the water spout with tricks up their eight sleeves. Black Widow is here to crawl their way to the top, and spin a web around the competition. Black Widow is going to leave us hanging by a thread trying to guess the identity until the very end.

We’ve met 15 of the masks during the super sneak preview, but they are revealing the last character during the Emmy’s on Sunday, September 22.

The sneak peek show ended with the reigning champion, season one winner T-Pain (Monster), and a reel with some more clues about the celebrities for season two.

Stars for season two have an impressive combined list of accomplishments: 140 films,  22 Broadway musicals, 22 gold records, 20 platinum records, 6 multi-platinum records, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 19 Emmy wins, 10 Grammy wins, 10 Lifetime Achievement Awards, three Walk of Fame stars, 15 marriages, eight divorces, and one crazy neon green thingamajig.

Get ready to play detective, and tune in to Fox on September 25 at 8pm to watch all the first performances for season two’s masked singers!

Based on the super sneak preview, do you have any guesses for this season’s masked stars? Are there any other clues that you noticed during the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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