Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New ‘Left on Laurel’ Album Available for Pre-Order!

MUSICLEFT ON LAURELNew 'Left on Laurel' Album Available for Pre-Order!

Good news, Left on Laurel fans! The band’s highly-anticipated new album is now available to pre-order, and we’ve finally learned the title and the release date!

Courtesy of ‘Left on Laurel’

The album will be titled “Saved by the Ground”, and is set to release on October 4. The album was produced by Jason Manns. Left on Laurel consists of five band members: Michael Rosenbaum, Rob Danson, Tom Lally, Kent Irwin, and Carl McDowell.

iTunes lists the tracklist as follows:

  1. Let’s Go for a Ride
  2. The 10
  3. Right Side of the Canyon
  4. Lost (With Your Eyes Open)
  5. Beautiful Mess
  6. Desperate Side of Town
  7. Fantasy
  8. Little Boy
  9. Fire
  10. Everything
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You can pre-order the album on iTunes if you’re in the US here. If you’re not in the US, no worries! Go to the iTunes store in your country and search for Left on Laurel.



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