Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Nerds and Beyond Podcasts: New Episodes of ‘I Still Believe in Heroes’, ‘There’s Always Next Season’ and More

PODCASTSNERDS AND BEYOND PODCASTSNerds and Beyond Podcasts: New Episodes of 'I Still Believe in Heroes',...

If you missed it, we launched a Nerds and Beyond Podcast Network which currently feature three podcasts: I Still Believe in Heroes, There’s Always Next Season and Jake and Mike Know Nothing.

Brand new episodes of these podcasts have been released. You can listen to them on our Podcast Network site, or on iTunes. Read about the new episodes below!

I Still Believe in Heroes

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Episode 3 — Music Maestro!

Time to delve into music. Everything is a struggle, Em has a list, and Conny stands by German 90’s rap. Conny plots to scare Em next time they hang out, and we speculate on what we would sell if we had merch.

There’s Always Next Season

Episode — NFL Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Predictions

Jake & Mike recap week 1 of the NFL season and give their predictions for week 2.

Jake and Mike Know Nothing

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Episode — The Righteous Gemstones – Is It Good or Bad

Mike likes it, Jake doesn’t. Find out why in this weeks episode.


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