The “Tables Have Turned” on David Haydn-Jones in Latest State Farm Commercial

Amanda S
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Image courtesy of State Farm

Football season is back? I think you mean Gabe Gabriel State Farm commercial season is back.

The early season NFL drama has nothing on David Haydn-Jones (Supernatural, Love Under the Rainbow) and his character Gabe Gabriel’s drama with Aaron Rodgers and real-life State Farm agent Patrick Minnis. This is a feud football fans across the nation are familiar with; “why does Aaron need another agent?!” This year, though, Gabe is channeling his inner Jonas Brothers and has decided to turn the tables … that’s right, he’s got a new client — Patrick Mahomes.

Image courtesy of State Farm

Will Gabe turn the tables on Aaron? Or will the tables turn on Gabe? Find out below!

Stay tuned for more State Farm commercials as they become available!

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