Friday, July 1, 2022

The “Tables Have Turned” on David Haydn-Jones in Latest State Farm Commercial

Football season is back? I think you mean Gabe Gabriel State Farm commercial season is back.

The early season NFL drama has nothing on David Haydn-Jones (Supernatural, Love Under the Rainbow) and his character Gabe Gabriel’s drama with Aaron Rodgers and real-life State Farm agent Patrick Minnis. This is a feud football fans across the nation are familiar with; “why does Aaron need another agent?!” This year, though, Gabe is channeling his inner Jonas Brothers and has decided to turn the tables … that’s right, he’s got a new client — Patrick Mahomes.

Image courtesy of State Farm

Will Gabe turn the tables on Aaron? Or will the tables turn on Gabe? Find out below!

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Stay tuned for more State Farm commercials as they become available!

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