Richard Speight, Jr.’s Album Release Show Announced

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Image courtesy of Jason Manns via Kickstarter.

The silence was suspicious…very suspicious, but it looks like it may have actually been for good cause, and not trouble as one would expect.

The highly anticipated Richard Speight, Jr. album from Dick Jr. and the Volunteers is almost done. In fact, it’s been said they’re “confident in stating that we’re close.” However, they snuck in one more exciting little detail–a record release party has been locked in. That’s right, it’s been penciled into the books at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles (yes, that very one) for November 26, 2019. Rich. Jason. And some Volunteers. At the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard for a concert. And not only that, but someone (Jason) spilled the beans about a VIP shindig happening right before. Count us in.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–“Jason, I live on the East Coast!” He knows, and he has an answer. Blame Rich and his “work” (that’s a joke, we know the man works harder than anyone in show business.) In all seriousness, the word on the street is Dick and his gang will be headed out East for a party in 2020. No details have been hammered down, but they know you want it, and they’re willing to bring it when everyone’s schedules line up again.

Tickets for the release party have not gone on sale, but keep checking your emails for Kickstarter updates and make sure you’re following Jason on Twitter for any details as they emerge.

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