Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lindsey Stirling ‘Artemis’ Music Video Released Today

MUSICLindsey Stirling 'Artemis' Music Video Released Today
Image courtesy of Lindsey Stirling’s “Artemis”

The music video for Lindsey Stirling’s single “Artemis” is now available to watch on YouTube.

The song is also the platinum-selling artist’s favorite from her upcoming 13 track fifth album. On the record, we will also be treated to collaborations featuring Amy Lee on the song “Love Goes On and On” and Elle King on “The Upside”.  Artemis will be available to purchase starting Friday, September 6, 2019.

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Stirling takes on the role of the Goddess in the video, exploring her surroundings in a vast, beautiful forest. With her enchanting melodies adding to the fantastic violin and synthesizers, it’s easy to get lost in the song. The dancers are doing hunter-like movements and covered in dirt as if from battle–Artemis is known as the Greek Goddess of wild animals, the hunt and vegetation.

This album is named after Artemis–who in Greek mythology also rules over the moon–which has significant meaning to Stirling. She lost her father and best friend, finding herself in the darkness of grief and mourning, wondering if life would return to normal and she could rediscover purpose.

While working on this album, she found that purpose. Through creating music, the light that was missing came back. Like in lunar cycles, the moon moves in the sky and goes through transformations, at times disappearing, but we know it is still there and will return with the light again. That concept gave her the idea to name the album after Artemis.

She is also going to be going back on tour this month in Europe. To see the tour date list and to purchase tickets, visit her website. Watch the music video below!

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