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Fans of ‘The OA’ Still Fighting for the Series

Image courtesy of IMDb.com.

Surprise science-fiction drama hit The OA was canceled by Netflix a few weeks ago on August 5. But the show’s fandom still hasn’t given up hope that creators and writers Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij will get the opportunity to finish telling their story.

Since news of the series’ end broke earlier this month, fans have made international headlines with their efforts to grab the attention of Netlix and any interested networks and let them know how important the story is to them. From filming flash mobs performing “the movements” (an integral part of the story’s plot, the movements allow the characters to travel across dimensions) to protesting by way of hunger strike, supporters of The OA have certainly made headlines.

Image courtesy of IMDb.com.

The latest evidence of the fandom’s work was displayed earlier this week with a digital billboard in Times Square, paid for by donations via a GoFundMe page that was set up by Ryan Lulofs, a film student from Atlanta, GA. The original fundraising goal was $3,500, which was met on the drive’s first day. Ultimately, over $5,500 was raised, and the billboard displays artwork from fans all over the world.

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Marling and Batmanglij have acknowledged and expressed their gratitude and love for the fans’ efforts, Marling doing so as recently as last week on August 23:

If you’ve watched The OA, then the passion of this particular fandom probably doesn’t surprise you. The show is wild and trippy, sure. And each season’s finale provided more questions than answers. But it also presents issues that are rarely given the attention and respect they deserve, and it does so in a very honest way. The main characters of the show struggle with addiction, suffocating grief, PTSD, mental illnesses, and families who refuse to accept them for who they are. The show is groundbreaking in this regard, and fans of the show have shared their appreciation to the creators for helping them to feel seen.

Watch seasons one and two of The OA now on Netflix.

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